Sunday, September 26, 2010

Laundry Room Ideation Board

Like I said before I'm slow. 
Since conception of the Laundry Room Makeover I've cleaned the room and I've halfway decided what bulk items to store up in the shelves above the machines (they're hard to reach and are set up for the use of toploaders not front loaders) and get other stuff out of the room that does not belong.

I did come up with an ideation board for the room, which really helped win Greg over... so much so he offered to paint the room! Woo-hoo! I should be making these for the whole house! I actually did make them in school for my design classes... by HAND (foam core, mat board, fabrics, catalog pics, pictures, samples, etc)! Of course computer courses took off the minute I graduated... nothing like being outdated the moment you step out into the world. Anyway, that's neither here or now... but it is FUN to do for my own home at my own pace ;) Jen over at iHeartOrganizing did a post on her Style Tiles last week and it inspired do it myself!

The dry erase calendar boards (how our family stays organized!), the laundry sorter rack, and washer & dryer on pedestals are already in there. The rug I had but have never used, it's my inspiration piece since it's made with remnants of my Grandpa's jumpsuits. I have a very old ugly footstool that will get some white spray paint and reupholstered (fits just right between my machines so I can easily reach the shelves now). Also have a mail sorter with key hooks that's in there now that will also face the mercy of a can of white spray paint!

To acquire:
Sherwin Williams "Hazel" (a shabby chic aqua-y sort of robins egg blue) sample is above
White background with blue/aqua paisleys to make curtains to cover shelves
Wicker type Laundry Basket for top of sorter (sort of vintage like)

All in all not bad. I'd love to keep the budget under $50... but won't be upset if I at least keep it under $100! Leftover funds will be moved over to my coat closet makeover fund! Did I mention the coat closet is right across the hall and will be painted the same color?? Swoon!

Going Monday with some awesome ladies to JoAnns to help me buy my fabrics. I'll admit it, I'm a HUGE sissy at the fabric store... it's soooo intimidating! Hopefully armed with measurements, friends, and my yardsale "mad" money will help me overcome being a fabric store sissy! HA!


Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ Your ideas look great! You're not a sissy. Just inexperienced is all. I have tons of faith that you will get over this feeling of insecurity after your first big sewing project. It takes actually completing a sewing project before you gain confidence. Good Luck! Much Love, Aunt J

Kate said...

Yay! Can't wait. Maybe you will inspire me to do mine.

I also can't wait to see the white cabbage. :)