Monday, September 20, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover Dreams

Well not so much dreams, as insomnia ridden thoughts. Barely slept Saturday night even though I was exhausted. Haven't had that for about 6 weeks, hope it was a one time thing because sleep really IS a glorious thing!

I've become addicted to various decor/design blogs (thanks Steph!) lately and it's lighting a fire under me and getting all these creative ideas going! Here are some I like if you want to take a gander.... (one of my friends!)

That should keep you busy for awhile, it does me ;)

Back to me laying in bed unable to sleep all night (this time also involved me planning our coat closet makeover as well as thinking of all the things I want to spray paint and/or repurpose). I started thinking about some of these wonderful laundry room makeovers I've been seeing all over bloggyland like this , and this, and this, and also this, for example, who wouldn't be tripping over themselves to do laundry!?!? Oh wait and this one too and her post of other inspirations!

Our laundry room is not that big (maybe 6x7) and it's a main thorough-fare from the garage into the house. Doing something to vamp it up will do wonders! First I needed an inspiration... taa-daa!

This is one of those rag rugs. But it's a very special one indeed. This rug is made from my Gpa Bud's old jumpsuits (all he ever wore)! He passed in 2005, miss him so much and wish so badly he could of met the boys. We've had this rug for awhile but never used it. We weren't using these colors in our home at the time. Here, we've really been on a blue kick! Probably since it's so dang hot, we're gravitating towards cooler colors. So this will be my inspiration piece. Thinking the colors will be mainly gray (my w&d are gray), black & white with accents of yellow & aqua. For a laundry room you say?? Oh yes. Just wait and see!! Stay tuned.


W Design said...

That rug is awesome Tyson! What a special keepsake for your family. I can't wait to see how your laundry room turns out!

Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ I remember Bud in his jumpsuits! Who made the rug? Now that is awesome. So glad it is your inspiration point for the laundry room. Love, Aunt J