Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tale of an Entertainment Center

This is our entertainment unit. It quite literally took me a year to decorate the side cabinets... but hey they're decorated now! We also went with a sound bar instead of a surround sound system with the multiple speakers. I definitely recommend this for those of you with husbands like mine that want all the fangdangle electronics but you'd like a "less is more" look when it comes to that!

We really like this piece, the only problem with it was that once it was in our home we realized one flaw. When you're walking upstairs you can see into the 2 story family room. Therefore, can see the top of this unit... which you can see the top of the lights and the wires for them. Ugh.

So I came up with a plan... and it only took us a year to put into fruitation (I really should stop admitting this kind of stuff)! It involves radiator screens, tin snips and black spray paint.

Radiator screen because I wanted something that would support itself and not snag, something that covered but also allowed the electrical stuff to breathe. Got some at Lowe's, I was shocked at how expensive they were $25 a panel! We shopped around and found that if they were cheaper it was because they were smaller in size, so therefore we'd just need more. Tin snipped down to size and spray painted black the unslightly cords/top issue is solved! YAY!

Greg did this project while we were gone in June (ie I wasn't here to supervise, ha ha). Glad he did the project and am happy with the results, however, it's not quite done. He cut it to match the exact top of the unit. I would prefer it to fit just inside the unit. That way you can't actually see it on top and it will prevent that slight sag in the middle. So while we're gone next month the revamp is on his honey-do list!

Now if we can just mount this large iron work scrolly thing (yes, that's a technical term) that we got months ago on the wall behind it and just above the unit... we'll be good to go!

Oh and if you noticed the pillows stacked to the side. That's our solution to pillows getting so beat up around here and last longer than one sitting. Might seem silly to some, but it works for us ;)


Anonymous said...

T, Looks GREAT. Love the idea in case I ever have the same issue. Love, Aunt J

Stacee said...

Cute blog!!! Here's mine -

We just got our entertainment center last week and had the exact same problem! Didn't even think about being able to see the top of it?! Good trick, though...we might have to copy. :)