Saturday, September 4, 2010

There are signs everywhere

Remember that movie, Fools Rush In? A big part of the film is that no matter your religion or faith, there are signs everywhere.

That being said, this is going to be a WAY different post from what I normally do. I just feel compelled to put it out there and this blog is a catchall of various things anyway! Please bear with me if you don't mind and have a few moments. This took a lot of time & reflection for me to organize and put forth.

Sometimes the sight, finding, or presence of a certain animal, insect or bird can be seen as messages. Of course it depends on what you're experiencing or going through at that moment. Birds especially are seen as messengers of reminders to help achieve full realization, pay attention to intuition/aspirations/beauty/transcendence, creative imagination and to most importantly "rise above our circumstances.

Lately I've been feeling the universe is trying to tell me something... what's it trying to tell me? I'm going to show a pic, then tell about my interaction then give the interpretations that I found in my research via books and occasionally online. These messages are really resonating with me. Thank you birdies!

First, the Mockingbird, this one took me forever to identify but I see it all the time. It's always getting my attention out of the corner of my eye and built a nest in the front yard.

Mockingbirds are about finding your scared song (your souls purpose) and recognition of your innate abilities. They can teach about the power of your song & voice and if it's the time to learn to sing accordingly. Realization of your inner talents to help find life more rewarding & significant. It's a courageous bird, and fiercely defends it's nest. "Follow Your Own Path"

We spend a lot of time outdoors on walks. I could almost swear these crows follow us sometime from the treetops demanding my attention.

Crows are calling for you to use magic (not hocus-pocus - but wonder) in your own life, to remind you that creation and magic is alive within our world everyday and available to us. The Crow has the unique ability to outwit other birds, animals and even humans sometimes, and they make for themselves a wonderful living. "The Secret Magic of Creation is Calling"

I see cardinals more than when I ever lived in Indiana or Illinois (both those states bird) and it's one of the only other bigger birds that regularly visit us. I love them for their flash of color. We all know what a cardinal looks like, but I choose to picture the female here for a little girl/mama power ;)

The cardinal can remind us of many things... to be careful of our diet, to be sure to listen more closely, to assert aspects of creativity & intuition more strongly, and pay attention to the task at hand. Most important message it brings is to remind us that regardless of when, we always have the opportunity to renew our on vitality! Cardinals brigthen the environment. They catch the eye and add color to our lives. When they appear, they do so to remind us to become like them. Add color to your life, and remember that everything you do is of importance. "Renewed Vitality through Recognizing Self-Importance"

I've fallen in love with these little birdies. They're my new "goldfinches". Up in IL I had a ton of goldfinches, tons! I loved it! Now I haven't seen one in almost 2 years... except a dead one at the grocery store parking lot last weekend (which made me really sad). Anyway, these brave cute little birds are always flitting in and out whenever I'm outside. They always makes me smile. I've never seen so many as I currently do.

The chickadee makes themselves known to... awaken understanding & higher truths, perceive more clearly, and help pinpoint truth and knowledge. It sends the message that when we're balanced, there is a greater realization of truth in our world around. Learn to express the truth in a manner that heals, balances, and open the perceptions. "Cheerful and Truthful Expression"

The bluebird. Quite simply when I see a bluebird it makes me content. The bluebird always seems to arrive when I'm just looking out the window sort of zoning out possibly looking for some peace or revelation. I adore their presence so much I got a nest box for them. Didn't get any takers, but many checked it out and built nests the last 6 mths. Maybe they'll nest if I learn what they're trying to tell me?

Bluebird carries messages along the lines of reminding that... sometimes we get so lost & wrapped up in everyday events that our happiness & fulfillment seems rare; to take time to enjoy yourself. It asks you the questions... are you trying to shoulder too much responsibility? are you in the midst of a transformation?

Most of all it tells us to look for opportunities to touch the joyful & intrinsically native aspects of yourself that you may have lost. "Modesty, Unassuming Confidence, and Happiness"

Last but not least we have the Hummingbird. Who doesn't love seeing a hummingbird? I've been trying to attract them for YEARS with no success. Even when I'd be places that people tell me they always get hummingbirds, I'd never see one. Well, I do now! I love it, they make me want to get up and do something.

When the hummingbird visits it's to remind.... to restore balance & health; find joy in what we do; to be fiercely independent & revel in our freedom; create joy within our home: and to get regular deep sleep & rest as to not burn out. Main message is to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances (pretty deep for such a little bird!)."Tireless Joy & the Nectar of Life"


Anonymous said...

Very cool post T. It made me stop the world to reflect for a few minutes. I appreciate the additional knowledge you provided from your research. Love, Aunt J

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your blog and LOVED this Ty!!! I love birds and it was nice to hear about what you found and your interpretations :) Kim Leheney