Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yardsale Craziness!!

Woke up at 6am and got my yardsale groove on! It wasn't neccessarily HOT (I mean it was 90, but that's chilly around here compared to the last 6 mths!) but boy oh was it humid, and I was a LOVELY sweat ball with frizzed out hair!! I made way more than I expected! Not that it was a ton, but it was still more than I thought! I have to admit it was also rather nice to have a whole morning of not having to be "mom". I didn't see the kids until noon! ;) That's oh so very very VERY rare, in fact in thinking about it, it's pretty much a FIRST. Oh geez, no wonder I'm nuts!!

Anyway, lots of "interesting" observations and happenings in the yardsale world! Here's some random tidbits:

- One really old (and I mean OLD) woman walked off with my lava lamp! Just walked off! I wasn't going to go tackle her for $.50, but still, funny no?

- I had TWO signs on the table that read " Folded Clothes $.25 each OR 5 for a $1"... every single last person asked "How much are the clothes?"

- Oh yes, please let your child wander into my garage and mess with any old thing (the stuff was in our driveway not the garage).

- I gave up a TON of clothes because they did not fit me. So why did I see people bigger than me buying my clothes? And before you say they could of been buying for someone else... oh know, they were trying them on over their own clothes and asking their friend... does this fit me?? Hmmmm.... maybe my clothes did fit me afterall? Oh well!

- At the end of the day I was downright CLEANED OUT. Someone asks me... "Do you have any mattresses?". I just bit my tongue and said "No"... but really????

- We had an flatter big box in the garage. Someone bought the mirror we removed from the bathroom and says "How about we get that box too?". Gee were you scoping out my garage or WHAT? Sure I gave them the box, but it still was rather unnerving.

- My old serving/waitressing apron from my Stables Steakhouse days worked out really well for yardsale money transaction purposes... go me!

Okay, so I thought I had more, but that's all I have for now! All in all good day. Got rid of a ton of stuff, decluttered and emptied up a lot of storage space... plus I have a little "mad" money now. Greg has already snagged $40 of for his outing to a sports bar to watch the Bears game tomorrow! Hmmmm... that IS madness...oh well ;)

I've become addicted to a ton of repurposing/spray painting/organizing/thrifty decorating/cool seasonal projects blogs. So when we get back from IN I plan to use some of my mad money for that sort of fun! I'm giddy just thinking about it! Oh and to you locals, I'll be looking for a thrifty shopping buddy (or buddies, if I can be so lucky) if anyone wants to have a girls morning out one Saturday scouring a GoodWill or other thrift stores! I gotta post some links to what some of these ladies do on their blogs... we're talking Pottery Barn/Ballard Designs/Williams Sonoma decor (while still designing for YOU!) for a fraction of the cost! Think about it!


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ Don't forget about Consignment Shops for thrifty shopping. I found some really cool chunky summer jewerly for next to nothing and get lots of complements when I wear it. I also found the perfect jewerly for last years Christmas party for $15.00. Love, Aunt J

Kate said...

Yes, I want to be one of those buddies! Glad you did so well.

Tys said...

Oh thank goodness Kate! Thought NO ONE was interested!! For sure you're one of those buddies! Smooches!

And yes, consignment shops too! Thanks Aunt J!