Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chillin in Chi-town

We got here Thursday, been visiting and having a good time! Been a bit chilly though!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What we've been up to

We've been in Hooiserland for ten days now!

Since I last checked in, here's what we've been up to. The hubs and I escaped for a morning-early afternoon date to the Covered Bridge Festival! It was fun driving the back roads of Indiana (and finding that not only is my memory of them faulty, but the GPS is not good to use for back roads!). We ate lots of foods, the smells were amazing! Checked out the covered bridge, the mill and all the booths. Saw lots of neat things, but nothing that really yelled at us to buy. Also saw some things that would of been good for craftin/home decor projects... but either too pricey or hard to take back home to good ole Texas.

During that time the boys were having fun with all the familly watching them. We even pushed our luck and went out that night for some yummy sushi as well! I dare say, we thought we were like newlyweds or something!! ha!

Then went to see Dixie Mae, our cousin's goat and some friendly horses of a family friend

Isn't she cute!?!

Then lots more eating, MORE family, eating... oh and smores! I hadn't made smores for years... but was told by my kid cousin that the smore I made was so good, she'd marry it! LOL!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's been a wonderful day... with my FOUR yr old!

While staying at Gma's Jake sleeps on a cot in our room (oh so annoying, since once bedtime hits, I like my kids in their own room! I can't sleep when I can hear every little toss and turn!) which turned out nice this morning. When we heard Evan starting to wake up (which wakes Jake up), we leaned over and sang happy birthday to our FOUR YEAR OLD BOY! His response: "Hey, I was tryin to sleep!"

Took him to get a special breakfast of Square Donuts. His response: "Square Donuts, how funny is THAT?" and "Oh wow, it's cold out!".

We spent the rest of the day playing outside and whatnot... they LOVE Gma's long driveway and arsenal of ride on toys and cars. I don't know where he got it but I did hear once today " But, it's my birthday!".

At naptime Greg and I left to head to the big metropolis in Indiana to pick up my uncle. The boys had a good long nap and then enjoyed playing with the grandmas.Once we got back we played outside some more, followed by his birthday dinner of chicken and noddles, mashed potatoes, and salad. These are the BEST noodles EVA! Then was the present frenzy!

I was going to keep Evan's stuff for later in our trip (since he has a Dec birthday and we won't be back for a long time after this trip), but it was so close to his bedtime that he was majorly melting down... so everyone gave him his stuff too. They both received lots of wonderful things... Super Why stuff, Toy Story stuff, magnifying glasses (they love Gmas!), trucks, and clothes. I even got some gifts too... a super cute short sleeve sweater cardigan (looove!), some lightweight scarves, jammies, and a cookbook and a book on the uses of vinegar (my Gma knows me well!).

Ended the fun with Jake's requested birthday cake... Strawberry with Chocolate frosting! He has not waviered once in the last 2 months if you asked him what he wanted for his cake! It was like a chocolate covered strawberry!

When heading inside after playing outside in the dark and getting to urinate outside due to Gma only having one bathroom and like 10 people here... Jake says... "My Birthday was awesome, it was so cool!" Yay! Makes me happy that he's happy! Here's the most recent picture I could find (haven't downloaded our trip pics yet) playing his heart out at a kids gym!

Best of wishes and lots of love to my little guy... may he always have enough! Enough you say? That might sound odd, but please read and ponder the closing poem.

Happiness to keep you sweet,

Trials to keep you strong,

Sorrows to keep you human,

Hope to keep you happy,

Failure to keep you humble,

Success to keep you eager,

Friends to give you comfort,

Wealth to meet your needs,

Enthusiasm to look for tomorrow,

Faith to banish depression,

Determination to make each day,

Better than the day before.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Self induced birthday mama guilt

Not being at home right now gives me time to ponder things even more than normal. Some might call me an overthinker... but that's me, can't change it NOW ;) Take it or leave it I guess!

There have a been a ton of kiddie bday parties lately in real life and all over blog land (in which some people go so all out, I don't think my poor brain can even compute it). Before anyone thinks I'm referring to anyone specific... I'm not, it's just that Jake's bday is 2 days away... so it's weighing on my mind.

 I've never had a birthday party for my kids. I feel like a downright horrible mother.

I would like to do stuff for the boys this year though. Especially since in the last year we've gone to a ton of parties for our friends. Jake really knows the drill now and I think he would really feel special to be the one in the spotlight for once. Poor Ev, I didn't really do ANYTHING for him for his FIRST bday last year. It was just crazy. We really didn't know anyone in Texas yet, we road tripped up north, it was close to Christmas, etc, etc... excuses, excuses (sorry bub, mama loves you, really!).

But who to invite? Same age kids? Friends? Neighbors? Those that have invited you to theirs? You can't invite everyone. Or what if no one comes?

It's all a bit much for me, I'll admit. I try to be a very fair, caring, considerate person. I have a hard time with possibly hurting someones feelings, causing conflict, making someone feel left out, or heck, even annoying someone with yet another birthday invite (because in one way shape or form I've felt that those things at some point myself). When I do ask for some advice, I get such a wide range of advice, my head just swirls.

I do however have some cute ideas in mind. Thinking of a combo birthday for them when we get back in town since they're still young and I can get away with it. It's a way to alleviate the guilt and not be too crazy... now if I could just handle all the other stuff that comes with it!

Perhaps I need to just go find something to clean, wash, fold, or bake around here???  To help make myself feel "normal" and only do my normal overthinking... not overthinking with exclusive undivided attention! LOL!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We have arrived

1000 miles later, we've made it to my hometown! Gotta figure out how to use my phones hotspot and get my laptop connected! Until then!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I did it, oh yes, I did!

Last night was Jerseylicious Bunco! It was hilarious!
I've already embarassed myself on FB, why not on my blog too! ha!

Talk about some teasing & ratting to get that bump! But I think I did pretty good considering!

I wonder if this can be considered a DIY thing? I didn't spend any money, just tweaked stuff I already had (like you know a swim suit skirted bottom, ha!), applied my makeup heavily, and borrowed a pair of fun earrings! My neighbors were shocked... guess maybe I lean to close to the side of frump sometimes??

I didn't win any prizes last night (usually I win for most losses, ha ha)... but our sweet hostess (to the right of me) made sure everyone went home with something in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Don't forget to take care of the girls!!! They belong to the women we love and don't want to lose!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

36 hours and we're off!

Been a very busy week so far. In less than 36 hours (give or take) we'll be heading north! I'm finding it very hard to pack this time. For a month for weather about 30 degrees colder than we're having. It's like in 2 years I forgot how to dress for chilly and downright cold weather! Hmmmm.

Obviously we'll be doing laundry, but it gives me a twitch to know we'll be gone 32 days but I only have 15 possible outfits. Granted, that's for sure all we each need, but it still feels... off.

Evan has a whole cold weather wardrobe, from when Jake was his age and we still lived up north. Poor Jake on the other hand has like 3 pairs of pants and 5 long sleeve shirts! I miss living near family, I'm actually having to buy his clothes now, lol!

The other morning it was in the 70's... Jake goes "Mama, it's really chilly out here, bbbbrrrrrrrr!"... oh kid, you just wait!

So we had friends over today, and tonight is bunco... you know all things that make packing hard! Tonight should be picture worthy... the theme is.. Jerseylicious. Oh help me, the jury is still out on whether I'll actually show the pics. I've never even watched that show before, but had plenty of people to fill me in. Since I have shorter hair... I'll just be doing a big bump on the top and a ton of teasing. I have no dresses like they do... so I'm wearing my skirted bikini bottom that barely covers my rump with a black tank top. Will wear my last pair of HIGH heels (I've seriously converted to just flats and kitten heels). Borrowed some HUGE glittery hoop earrings and just got done painting my nails (I never paint my nails). Just gotta load on the make up and then get the courage to walk 4 houses down like that! HA!

P.S. unfortunately all design/craft/decor projects have been put on hold for the next month! boo! But at least I'll come home ready to get at it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The White Cabbage!

If you'll recall, I had a little pile of things I wanted to reinvent!

One of them was a cabbage tureen. I've always had an affinity for it, but not enough to display it. Recently I thought... white, it needs to be white!

I'm new into the whole spray painting anything I can get my hands on thing... but I knew I probably should start with primer. That I did. But made the mistake of using a cheapie flat white. Hmmm... wasn't looking good. Moved on to a satin white, oooh better. Sprayed the clear gloss and let it dry. Then I realized, it was just too white, too stark. It needed to be a warmer white, off-white so to speak.

Off to JoAnns, picked up some Light Ivory arcylic paint. I knew I didn't want to paint the whole thing, just wanted a thin layer of it, with the white showing through. Found out real fast a brush wasn't going to work... so I went to a highly respected and refined painting tool.... my finger. LOL!

Finally, it was done. It was looking AWESOME. I pick it up oh so carefully only to DROP IT. Caught it in enough time that it just hit the top parts of the "leafs" that stick up. But, damage done, green was showing through and the paint all around it was probably too thick and very rough. UGH. I sanded and painted again. It looks good enough, but I just can't get it back to how it was. There's now too much paint on it, losing it's details, the top now doesn't sit flush due to all the paint, and it's just time to STOP. You know, like Kenny Rogers infamous song! (yes, that is SO random I know!)

Imperfections aside (I'm a little upset at myself for losing some of the detail), I think it's pretty darn spiffy! Now to just find the perfect place for it in my kitchen! After some googling I think I need this white cabbage leaf pitcher as well ;)

If I ever decide to branch off from the family blog to my own craft/decor blog (would anyone read??)... it will totally be called "The White Cabbage". I can see it now. It's all about the art of imperfection :) Cheers!

I'll be linking this little before & after to Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphis Monday and Thifty Decor Chick's Before & After... check them out, lots of neat things going on!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hold on tight, life's a ride!

Today is my birthday, I'm *cough* 32 *cough*

I found these pics to be appropriate for today for many reasons.

First of all that motorcycle was mine. Yes, mine from eons ago. I'm the oldest grandchild... so almost every grandchild after me has ridden that bike. It did get out of the loop for awhile until my uncle found someone to fix a few things on it, then he gave it to Jake last year. My mom shipped it to us. We let him ride in on our first floor (all tile) sometimes. Then it was parked in our closet and used as a clothes tree and was forgotten about (yes, organizing the huge closet is on the list!). The boys were playing in our room one day like they always do when I'm getting ready. Out they come flying out of the closet and off they go!

It was unexpected to say the least! I can't believe that thing held a charge for a YEAR!

They had a good time cruising around. Since Evan is actually bigger even if he's not taller... they switched places so Jake could still drive but not have his knees all bent into it. The pics aren't the best quality due to the movement, but they crack me up!

Makes me think of some quotes:

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: "I am with you kid. Let's go." ~Maya Angelou

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.~Henry Miller

You don't want to get to the end of life's journey and discover you never left the interstate. ~Robert Brault

Quit hanging on to the handrails . . . Let go. Surrender. Go for the ride of your life. Do it every day.~Melody Beattie, "Finding Your Way Home"

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."~ Oscar Wilde

And last but NOT least:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. "~ Ferris Bueller

Love my two little monkeys for always helping me to see things differently and usually in amazing ways!