Wednesday, October 6, 2010

36 hours and we're off!

Been a very busy week so far. In less than 36 hours (give or take) we'll be heading north! I'm finding it very hard to pack this time. For a month for weather about 30 degrees colder than we're having. It's like in 2 years I forgot how to dress for chilly and downright cold weather! Hmmmm.

Obviously we'll be doing laundry, but it gives me a twitch to know we'll be gone 32 days but I only have 15 possible outfits. Granted, that's for sure all we each need, but it still feels... off.

Evan has a whole cold weather wardrobe, from when Jake was his age and we still lived up north. Poor Jake on the other hand has like 3 pairs of pants and 5 long sleeve shirts! I miss living near family, I'm actually having to buy his clothes now, lol!

The other morning it was in the 70's... Jake goes "Mama, it's really chilly out here, bbbbrrrrrrrr!"... oh kid, you just wait!

So we had friends over today, and tonight is bunco... you know all things that make packing hard! Tonight should be picture worthy... the theme is.. Jerseylicious. Oh help me, the jury is still out on whether I'll actually show the pics. I've never even watched that show before, but had plenty of people to fill me in. Since I have shorter hair... I'll just be doing a big bump on the top and a ton of teasing. I have no dresses like they do... so I'm wearing my skirted bikini bottom that barely covers my rump with a black tank top. Will wear my last pair of HIGH heels (I've seriously converted to just flats and kitten heels). Borrowed some HUGE glittery hoop earrings and just got done painting my nails (I never paint my nails). Just gotta load on the make up and then get the courage to walk 4 houses down like that! HA!

P.S. unfortunately all design/craft/decor projects have been put on hold for the next month! boo! But at least I'll come home ready to get at it!

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Sarah said...

OH, Tyson! I sincerely hope to see a photo of you in your Jerseylicious outfit!!

And HAPPY TRAVELS!!!!!!!!!!