Thursday, October 7, 2010

I did it, oh yes, I did!

Last night was Jerseylicious Bunco! It was hilarious!
I've already embarassed myself on FB, why not on my blog too! ha!

Talk about some teasing & ratting to get that bump! But I think I did pretty good considering!

I wonder if this can be considered a DIY thing? I didn't spend any money, just tweaked stuff I already had (like you know a swim suit skirted bottom, ha!), applied my makeup heavily, and borrowed a pair of fun earrings! My neighbors were shocked... guess maybe I lean to close to the side of frump sometimes??

I didn't win any prizes last night (usually I win for most losses, ha ha)... but our sweet hostess (to the right of me) made sure everyone went home with something in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Don't forget to take care of the girls!!! They belong to the women we love and don't want to lose!


April said...

You looked fantastic hot mama!

Sarah said...

HOT! I especially love the head shot :)

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