Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's been a wonderful day... with my FOUR yr old!

While staying at Gma's Jake sleeps on a cot in our room (oh so annoying, since once bedtime hits, I like my kids in their own room! I can't sleep when I can hear every little toss and turn!) which turned out nice this morning. When we heard Evan starting to wake up (which wakes Jake up), we leaned over and sang happy birthday to our FOUR YEAR OLD BOY! His response: "Hey, I was tryin to sleep!"

Took him to get a special breakfast of Square Donuts. His response: "Square Donuts, how funny is THAT?" and "Oh wow, it's cold out!".

We spent the rest of the day playing outside and whatnot... they LOVE Gma's long driveway and arsenal of ride on toys and cars. I don't know where he got it but I did hear once today " But, it's my birthday!".

At naptime Greg and I left to head to the big metropolis in Indiana to pick up my uncle. The boys had a good long nap and then enjoyed playing with the grandmas.Once we got back we played outside some more, followed by his birthday dinner of chicken and noddles, mashed potatoes, and salad. These are the BEST noodles EVA! Then was the present frenzy!

I was going to keep Evan's stuff for later in our trip (since he has a Dec birthday and we won't be back for a long time after this trip), but it was so close to his bedtime that he was majorly melting down... so everyone gave him his stuff too. They both received lots of wonderful things... Super Why stuff, Toy Story stuff, magnifying glasses (they love Gmas!), trucks, and clothes. I even got some gifts too... a super cute short sleeve sweater cardigan (looove!), some lightweight scarves, jammies, and a cookbook and a book on the uses of vinegar (my Gma knows me well!).

Ended the fun with Jake's requested birthday cake... Strawberry with Chocolate frosting! He has not waviered once in the last 2 months if you asked him what he wanted for his cake! It was like a chocolate covered strawberry!

When heading inside after playing outside in the dark and getting to urinate outside due to Gma only having one bathroom and like 10 people here... Jake says... "My Birthday was awesome, it was so cool!" Yay! Makes me happy that he's happy! Here's the most recent picture I could find (haven't downloaded our trip pics yet) playing his heart out at a kids gym!

Best of wishes and lots of love to my little guy... may he always have enough! Enough you say? That might sound odd, but please read and ponder the closing poem.

Happiness to keep you sweet,

Trials to keep you strong,

Sorrows to keep you human,

Hope to keep you happy,

Failure to keep you humble,

Success to keep you eager,

Friends to give you comfort,

Wealth to meet your needs,

Enthusiasm to look for tomorrow,

Faith to banish depression,

Determination to make each day,

Better than the day before.

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Anonymous said...

'Enthusiasm to look for tomorrow' is my favorite part of the poem. Love ya, Aunt J