Monday, October 11, 2010

Self induced birthday mama guilt

Not being at home right now gives me time to ponder things even more than normal. Some might call me an overthinker... but that's me, can't change it NOW ;) Take it or leave it I guess!

There have a been a ton of kiddie bday parties lately in real life and all over blog land (in which some people go so all out, I don't think my poor brain can even compute it). Before anyone thinks I'm referring to anyone specific... I'm not, it's just that Jake's bday is 2 days away... so it's weighing on my mind.

 I've never had a birthday party for my kids. I feel like a downright horrible mother.

I would like to do stuff for the boys this year though. Especially since in the last year we've gone to a ton of parties for our friends. Jake really knows the drill now and I think he would really feel special to be the one in the spotlight for once. Poor Ev, I didn't really do ANYTHING for him for his FIRST bday last year. It was just crazy. We really didn't know anyone in Texas yet, we road tripped up north, it was close to Christmas, etc, etc... excuses, excuses (sorry bub, mama loves you, really!).

But who to invite? Same age kids? Friends? Neighbors? Those that have invited you to theirs? You can't invite everyone. Or what if no one comes?

It's all a bit much for me, I'll admit. I try to be a very fair, caring, considerate person. I have a hard time with possibly hurting someones feelings, causing conflict, making someone feel left out, or heck, even annoying someone with yet another birthday invite (because in one way shape or form I've felt that those things at some point myself). When I do ask for some advice, I get such a wide range of advice, my head just swirls.

I do however have some cute ideas in mind. Thinking of a combo birthday for them when we get back in town since they're still young and I can get away with it. It's a way to alleviate the guilt and not be too crazy... now if I could just handle all the other stuff that comes with it!

Perhaps I need to just go find something to clean, wash, fold, or bake around here???  To help make myself feel "normal" and only do my normal overthinking... not overthinking with exclusive undivided attention! LOL!!!


Kate said...

Don't feel bad! I don't think kids under the age of 5 or 6 really need birthday parties. I don't start doing them until they are in school (and not always then either!) Today is Emy's birthday. I am making cupcakes. I haven't gotten her a present. She doesn't know the difference.

shelley c. said...

We have never had a birthday party, either. And this is the first year that J is even really asking for one. Seeing as she will be 5 at her next birthday, I am totally okay with starting now, since it now makes sense and she gets what they are all about... Your are absolutely not a horrible mother, in fact quite the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ How about when we are in AZ we have a birthday cake for everyone's 2011 birthday while we are together? Makes sense to me :) No presents except for the kids - just cake to make it easy for everyone. Love, Aunt J