Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cloche you say?

I mentioned a couple months ago that I was inspired by all these cloches I'm seeing (Yah, I know, I'm a little behind). What's a cloche you say? Good question. Simple answer: pretty much like a cake/glass dome on a pedestal of some sort. You can put seasonal decor under it for a little glamour and pizzazz. The long technical answer? I'm not sure, have fun googling ;)

When I went thrift store shopping a couple weekends ago I found the pieces to make my own! I've see quite a few posts about this... like here and here. I did make a mini one (Ipod next to it for size comparison) for fall with a random candle base thing and a butter dome. Seriously tiniest cloche ever!

Both pieces I started out with are shown in this picture here:

Once I got all the tape off the glass dome I noticed that it doesn't fit the base! Ugh :(  Jury is still out on whether it's because the wooden base is as warped as selling a pedofiles how-to guide (yes it really happened, I heard it was finally taken off, but still!!!) or if the dome never actually went with it in the first place. It looked good when it was all taped up though!

So I filled the groove with wood filler, hoping that if it was more flat with no grooves to catch the glass dome, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. That took awhile. I would use caulk if I could call a mulligan on it though. It was too much/deep of a groove for the ole wood filler.

Then finally spray painted the first coat black. Put the pedestal (pretty sure it's an old hurricane/candlestick base) and the base together with gorilla glue. Then applied the last coats of paint. Being the frazzled mother, million-things-on-my-mind DIYer that I am... I left it outside not once but twice and it got rained on. So that probably affected the results a bit. However, for what it is, I rather like it, am pleased with the results and will use it. You can still notice it's warp (seriously, how did I NOT see that at the store?) but if you postion it just right you'd never notice it on a galloping horse!

I might do a clear gloss coat, or perhaps a coat of black semi-gloss. Haven't decided, going to wait a bit, live with it for a bit, and see what it starts to tell me. Because inaminate objects DO talk to you too, right??? ;)

Here it is doing some modeling ...

As just a pedestal (for something, anything!)

With the glass dome (oh look a pumpkin snuck in there before getting packed away tonight)

With the white plate I talked about last week

Then I remembered this beautiful pedestal piece from Southern Living at Home that I oogled over last spring. Kinda sorta reminds me of it (if I tightly squint my eyes).

Or here it is with both for an interesting combo!

Also occured to me that if all else fails I can turn the glass dome upside down, remove the white tart dish, for a spin-off trifle goodness. Like so...

glass fruit pedestal trifle bowl

I'd show you more ideas with some decor and whatnot, but gotta tell ya... I started this post earlier this week and it's taken me forever to get this far. Just want to get it posted and see what you think. Not to mention, had a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast with friends and am totally crashing due to carb/starch overload. Sure was tasty though :) Now off to bed, dragging out the Christmas stuff tomorrow!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Linking up to some Linky Parties... check them out and see some of the cool stuff people are doing!

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Hi T ~ Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Love all your ideas! Love, Aunt J