Friday, November 12, 2010

Eek! In over my head!

So when I last checked in I was all in a dither and running of a high of being home. That's when I posted my to-do list... I was so gun-ho.

As you guessed, I totally crashed! Not just me either, the boys did as well. Their routine was all shades of messed up and their sleep has actually been worse since we got home. No napping, waking early... so we're just all a mess and it's taking longer than expected to get back to normal  (not that we're THAT normal to begin with, lol!).

I'm overwhelming myself with thinking of ALL those things on my list! So, time to break it all up into teeny tiny pieces. Hopefully in doing they'll be easier to tackle and so my motivation will gain some momentum! Have any tips for tackling a HUGE to do list with 2 rough and rowdy boys and no energy? ;)

Here's some another snippet from our trip! We had a family Halloween party at my Grandma's... Evan was a black cat, Jake a puppy, so I was a vet! Neither wanted ANYTHING to do with a taking a picture, as you can clearly tell ;)

Here's a group picture! Everyone really got into the spirit, my Grandma was a vampire (behind me) along with my aunt & cousin. My Great Aunt and her husband dressed as each other! That super tall death/grim reaper in a top hot is my brother.

Now I should run, still have suitcases to unpack, a house to clean, etc............. Hope to have a fabulous project to show soon, but gotta go do the other not so fun stuff first.

A Pox on Priorities!


Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ my advice is to take your list and do 1/4 of what is on it so that you can enjoy the holidays and not be exhausted. :) Love, Aunt J

Kate said...

I try to get around that kind of stuff by not making to do lists....saves me a lot of hassle! :)