Thursday, November 4, 2010

Starting our trip back home!

Sorry for the break in blogging. It was just too much to keep up on with everything and traveling. We've put on 2,000 miles thus far!

I see I've lost some followers. Kinda makes me sad and a makes me wonder if I should just stop blogging. It's hard to me to think that some must find me boring or just not their cup of tea.

But I can't wait to get home and get back to normal. Including blogging! Among a ton of other things. It's been a good trip overall, but a month from home is a really long time. Really long.

I have a huge itch for some home decor/organization projects AND not to mention decorating for Christmas is just a few weeks away! Woo-hoo!

We leave my hometown tomorrow and head to St. Louis for Greg's Gma's 90th birthday. Then Sunday it's Texas or BUST!

Would love to show some pics, but I've been using my phone as my hotspot to hook up to the internet and do not have much usuage left on my data plans. Downloading pics really eats it up! The boys are still cute & ornery and they've both grown at least an inch... if not more for Evan!

See ya soon!!


Amanda said...

Maybe they just dropeed off of the blogging game, I don't know?!? Safe travels! :)

Amanda said...

Haha, I meant "dropped"...that looks like "peed"...hahahahaha