Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things to do! Projects and more!

I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. Woo Boy! Thought perhaps if I put my to-do list out there, it'll help keep me in line and accountable.

THIS WEEK: Unpack, laundry, put stuff away (we came home with christmas presents from others for us, so gotta find a good place for them), CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE (oh my! is all I have to say about that), put away halloween stuff (leaving the fall stuff still), pot mums in my window box, and grocery shop. Not to mention a couple playdates, and a Moms night out dinner and a breakfast! Oh and I need to email the neighbor ladies and see if they're all interested in doing a Christmas "Parade of Homes" on our curve. Thought that'd be fun to do, spend about a 1/2 hr at each persons house, where they serve a drink (hot chocolate, cider, eggnog), appetizers, finger food, cookies, dessert, candies or whatever floats their boat! I have a feeling if I suggest it, I better be prepared to organize it!

-Make curtains (already have the fabric, thanks Kate!) for the kitchen and the laundry room.
- Paint my china cabinet black (it did not get done while we were gone - trying not to dwell on it)
- Look for a dresser to paint and put in the coat closet,
- Organize the junk drawers for once and for all (yes, we have more than one, we're so proud)
- Start christmas shopping (I'm really overwhelmed this year!), get plans all set for the holidays (man, it's all coming at me in full speed!), and of course gotta do some Thanksgiving Feast shopping as well ;)
- Also need to have our family picture taken for our christmas cards.
- Not to mention, I want to do some Goodwill & Thift store hunting for some other home decor to makeover. I daresay, I missed spraying something this last month!
- OH! And I want to make a cute little "Thankful" pennat banner I've been seeing out in the blogosphere... also saw some at the Covered Bridge Festival up in Indiana as well!

I see lots of projects posts in my future! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

-Obviously, decorating and putting up the trees! Gotta time all this to link up to some fun linky parties like I did for the fall decor and the white cabbage!
-Clean up and make nice the guest bedroom, my yardsale ruined that room - it was my "prep" and "stash" room for a couple months! Greg's sis is coming to visit after Christmas and I'm pretty sure she's not going to want to sleep with a bunch of rubbermaids and crap!
- Finish shopping for & ship all presents up north!
- Hoping to get the laundry room finally made over (yah it didn't get painted while I was gone either - really, don't ask! grrrr!) along with the coat closet for once and for all.
-And if that's not too much to bite off, I'd like to get the Master Bedroom Closet good to go. It would be nice to have that space functional and nice to start the New Year off with a bang.

Somewhere in the middle of all these lists I need to start making exercising a scheduled part of my life. I've been lucky enough to be able to not blow up due to being so busy with the boys and too cheap to buy too much junk. But, I really need to make it a part of my life NOW. I've never really enjoyed exercise, but lets face it, I'm not getting any younger... and it's going to HAVE to be done! Plus, I gained 5 lbs eating all my grandma's cooking in it's massive helpings followed by yummy desserts and sweets! Oy vey! What was a girl to do? I simply had to eat it all!

So anyway, can I do it!?!?! Guess we'll see! ;)


April said...

Wow! That sounds like a lot to get done in short amount of time! I think the parade of homes sounds like a really fun and creative idea! I hope that you are able to organize that!

Kate said...

Cannot wait to see the curtains!