Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aww... it happens!

We don't have many "awwww" type moments around here. It's mostly "oh-no's, uh-oh's, ouch, and arrrrgh's" ;)

Went for a walk around our neighborhood today and try to get some pics for the christmas cards after last Saturday's failed mission. I learned a couple things... I am still NOT a good photographer (there must be a gene for it? I don't have it).... my kids are probably the worse kids ever for posing - no bribery, trickery or even honesty of any sorts works (they hate posing and they hate the camera!).... and once every once and awhile something cute does happen and I can see that they really DO love each other!

Now back to the Thunderdome! ;P


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ So sweet ~ thanks for sharing! Love, Aunt J

Denise said...

HAHA, I hear you on trying to get a good picture of the kids. Some days it's love and kisses, but most it's "eewwww why is he eve looking at me"