Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Little is TWO!

Yes, Two! How did that happen??

Two year ago after hemming and hawing (once I figured out WHY I was having back pains every 7 minutes! ha!) I finally went to the hospital and a few hours later...6:35 pm... out came Evan Joseph! Ole sweet cheeks!

He turned 4 mths old the day we moved into our home in Texas! 9 mths he went on his first flight to IN to visit family! For his first birthday we did our first massive road trip up north and back! The last year we've been busy with the zoo, childrens museum, lots of parks, the beach, playgroup, lots of walks, swimming, 2 HUGE road trips, and lots of laughs and tears! He acts so much older due to big bro Jake... and he's my not so gentle bull in a china shop... but is a huge snuggler when he wants to! He's not afraid to fail and he'll figure something out by sheer will if it's possible!

Yesterday we had a birthday party with our playgroup. I made it Toy Story theme! I thought this picture that a friend took was just perfect... they were playing with the Toy Story GeoTrax train that's bridge collaspes. He blew out his candle like he's a pro or something!

This morning I made pancakes and gave him his gift of a hobby (stick) horse since he's always riding my broom yelling "YeeHaw"... but he shoved it away and I found him riding my broom when I had to get it out for yet another broken ornament! Sigh, that's just so Ev for ya. Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you!!

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Anonymous said...

Great Aunt J loves him too!