Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deck the Halls! Literally!

So far we've seen our Front Door Wreath and Christmas Mantel, on to the stairway/foyer! The foyer would normally have a console or entry table that a beautiful vignette could be done on. Not our foyer though, no real vignette here... but I did decorate the actual foyer, so does that count?

Our foyer is massive. Not much goes on in there and it's certainly not furnished yet. I do have a grand plan, just need to luck out at some resale shops or wait until yardsale season to finish (involves a frame that I need a plain mirror for, an iron coat rack, bench with storage, interesting side table and a lamp. Oh and a rug!). But it is in the works!

Due to the tree, I needed somewhere to move our chair, table & lamp in the corner. Empty foyer was the perfect place for the time being! Sure does make the space loads more cozy, kinda gives me a kick in the pants to get in done in January with the holiday goods come down.

Here it was not to long after we moved in... we've decorated a smidge more since then... but quite honestly this is how it pretty much looks!

Here's what I came up with. I did have some misconceptions on how difficult it can be to decorate a stair case with garland. I had to scrap some ideas after dropping and subsequently breaking some ornaments and just kept it simple. Even simple took some time ;)

We purchased the garland and the wooden cran-beads woven in at Garden Ridge. It was about 45"!

The basket on the floor next to the chair is for our cards. Not very creative I know, would totally love something like this!

This space is hard to get in a picture. Here are some more shots.

See that grouping of ornaments, I had about 6 more planned. It just didn't happen! Oh and look a sneak peek of another tree and our shiba, Suki!

Funny you never see my cat in pictures, and this is the second one of her in this post alone! Calamity says hi!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ;)

Also, saw this impromptu linky party and thought this post was good for it!


Kate said...

I really like the chair there!

Ellie Davis said...

looks great. Here is what I'm going to try to make for my Christmas cards for next year!