Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Disturbance in the Holiday Spirit

Last Friday the boys and I went to the post office to pick up a present for Greg from his parents, as it was his birthday. The mail carrier decided it was too much to walk to our door and just stuck a notice in our box to pick up the package at the post office.

While it's no where near where we live, the post office that services our address is in the ghetto. Bars on the windows, the box double chained to the building, vagrants, etc... I'm not some unwordly little snot... I know the ghetto when I'm in one. I'm also not one to just defer things to my husband just because I'm a woman... I kill my own bugs (unless it's a roach! ick!), I have my own various tricks to open a jar, I could careless about walking around at night or what have you... I've never been one that scares easily, and I'm the one that deals with customer service when we get screwed over on things.

However, what unfolded in the parking lot of that post office that morning has really shaken me. I feel scared. Long story short a man demanded money or that I go buy him a bus card. He had us cornered up against the car. Threatened for me to do what he said so the kids wouldn't get hurt. I still refused and pushed around him. He followed us to the post office and then waited leaning up against the car. In my distraction I left the keyless entry fob IN THE CAR. I almost had a heart/panic attack right there. I couldn't take the boys out AGAIN, the postal guy was already looking for the package. Luck have it, a nice lady came in and quickly offered to keep an eye on the boys when I told her what happened. He cursed at me when I got back to the car, and imagine the look on his face when he realized he could of made off with a CAR. Yelled at me some more to watch my back & kids. The post office LOST our package even though it was insured. The worker could of cared less... I game him a piece of my mind due to the lazy carrier and their lack of costumer service... let alone having to go through all that and NOT get the package we came for. He just shrugged his shoulders and said "Next in line please!".

We had back out to the car where this man is sure to get right behind me and follow me step by step as I put both boys in their carseats and put away the stroller. He never said anything else, but if looks could kill... well, I don't even want to go there.

It wasn't until we got home that I really got scared, and my heart finally regulated about 3 hours later. Then I got very angry.

I did contact the USPS and the postmaster. Our package was hand delivered to our door by a manager over that section of the postal service of East Houston.

Now I have 8 packages needing shipped. I would of course go to the nice, clean, SAFE one by us... but I couldn't bring myself to go today. I know it's so silly, it's not even the same place! It just takes a lot to really SCARE me and put fear in my heart... so while no weapons or harm was involved... we never made it to the post office today. Sigh, talk about a distrubance in the holiday spirit and general christmas planning!!

Just had to get this off my chest, thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

T - Baby steps. It takes time to recover from something this frightening and you will never forget it. However, you can't let it limit or rule your life. My suggestion is to invite one of your friends or neighbors to go to the nice PO by you the first time you go ~ maybe the second ~ maybe even the third until you can overcome the control this incident has on you. From what I read on facebook you have many that would be happy to help if you ask. Keep me posted. Love, Aunt J

Sarah said...

Hey Tyson. That entire situation was just rotten. Super scary. Sounds like a play date to the post office is in order: one mom stands in line with boxes, while the other mom(s) wrangle kids. Sounds fun! Let us know what you figure out, and let me know if you come to Kingwood PO!