Monday, December 20, 2010

Our First Street Christmas Tour/Party

By the time we add in our street name, it becomes a really long title, so we need to find a fun abbreviated thing to call it. At first I was calling it a Neighborhood (even though I just meant our street) Christmas Parade of Homes. Since most are transplants around here, we all feel like no one gets to see our holiday decorations! Then it also sort of reminds me of a Progressive Party... but with quicker and more stops.

Luckily I had an idea, and 7 other lovely households joined in! It wouldn't of been possible without them!

Then last night at 5pm, our home was the first "stop" and we visited different homes every 1/2 hour until 9pm! It was great!

At our house I made Champage Punch, cookies, and some Bud hor d'oeuvres. Bud hor d'oeuvres are these little baked spicy sausage & melted cheese on small pieces of sliced pumpernickel bread... my Gpa Bud used to make this every Christmas. He passed away 5 years ago and someone else has always made them... but since this is our first Christmas not traveling up north, I decided to make them to share with my neighbors!

Some pics....

Then off to 7 other wonderfully decorated homes offering yummy treats and drinks. Some yummies that stoodout... bacon-wrapped shrimp/pineapple/or water chesnuts... tiny little cheesecake "poppers"... hot cider... a christmas tree bundt cake... eggnog... wine spritzer... christmas beer editions...etc... all very very yummy! Not to mention lots of beautiful cookies and snacks! The last stop was chocolate fondue and Starbucks hot chocolate & coffee!

I hope we do it again next year, and we were talking to just do 20 mins instead of 30 at each place... but other than that... success and good times! Also next year, we'll be getting a babysitter! Both boys didn't nap (of course - they only do that on days we have stuff planned!) so they weren't in the best of spirits and Greg stayed home with them. It would of been fun to go to the first few houses as a fam and then as a couple.

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Denise said...

What a great idea!! Sounds like lots of fun. The house looks beautiful