Thursday, December 30, 2010

The world through the 4 yr old photographer...

We've had a very Merry Christmas so far! So much, it's left little time for blogging ;)

I wanted to pop on here real quick and share some pics that Jake took with his camera he got for Christmas from G&G H! While they might be blurry, there is a sort of artistic flair to them. It's fun to see what's important or interesting enough for him to decide to take a picture. Many were of Evan, we once overheard him telling Evan "Now smile Evan, noooo, that's a pouty face!" LOL!! Here are just a few from the 165 he's already taken ;)

The Beloved "Buddy-Boo, Timbo"

Our living room pillows

Jake's glass of milk (that he had with the gingerbread cookies we made)

Evan fully enjoying his christmas snack of yogurt and gingerbread

Mommy talking to family on the phone

What Santa brought them... there are tons of pics of them both!

This mixer from Sitto (my mom) got a lot of film time too

Lots of pics of baby bro!

Suki Lou

A truck they play with all the time

A game he received, Uno-Mooo... very cute... he beat us the first time playing!

Bullseye! And Evan with a drill in the background!

Aunt Megan came to visit!

Bestest Pal... Daddy!


Anonymous said...

Pictures were so CUTE ~ Thanks for sharing! Love, Aunt J

Kate said...

What a shutterbug! cute.