Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yesterday Greg comes home, but I decide to just stay awake and then go to bed early. The dog was smelly, so I decide to give her a bath with my "kids not up my butt" free time. It's so hot, she really needed it. She's not the easiest dog to give a bath... she HATES water. I swear she's just an overgrown cat in so many ways.

Dog clean. Then we ate dinner and I suggested Greg take the boys on a walk since it wasn't raining for once this week! Off they go. I come back inside to do a couple things, then head back out to the garage to fill birdfeeders, take out trash & recycling. I see the door into the garage open. I make sure the cat is still in the house, because she runs out every single time now. She was in the house. So I close the door and go about my business.

It's now 8:30pm, Jake is in bed and we can't find the dog anywhere. That's when I remember the open door at 5:15pm. OH NO. It's been over THREE hours. She's not a darter or known for running away, but IF she's ever gotten out, that nose goes to the ground and she zones out and away she goes without a clue.

Greg gets in the car. I call a neighbor to ask her to just come sit in the house since the boys are asleep. I post pics on facebook and our neighborhood site so people can call if they see her. I take off walking and yelling. I started to tear up... after three hours I was invisioning her dead on one of the more busy roads. OR since she's such an unique looking dog, I figure someone would just snag her for themselves (they do that around here).

The lo and behold the street I'm walking on, intersects with a street Greg just turned down, and there she was!! Whew! What a relief! It was so refreshing to know that we had neighbors to call on that were more than willing to help look for her or come to our house so we could look. In IL we didn't have that on single iota. What a wonderful amenity our neighborhood has been for our move here!

Of course, Suki just had that look of "What??"

So in honor of furry champion, here are some pics... wish I had the ones of her as a puppy on here, she was sooooo cuddly and cute! Here's Miss Suki Lou... turned 5 this April. We got her about a month after we got married. We had ups and downs with her as a puppy... but she is such a good dog (besides shedding and sometimes vomiting if she doesn't eat at her routine times - eyeroll-). I know sometimes we complain that having animals is like have 2 more kids... but in all honesty she's easier than the cat most days! I have very cute pics of her on facebook, but apparently I don't have them on the computer... so these are the only ones I can find!

How Jake used to walk Suki (he's Evan's age now in these pics!)

Cousin Payton with Suks at Christmas 2009

Both of them zonked out, I've always thought this pic was so cute!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh the fun of a box!

You got to see a preview in the last post... Evan in the box. Well that box has been played with (and tooth & nail fought over) since then! I didn't get any sleep last night.. Jake decided not to sleep at all. He hasn't done that since he was a little baby. In the few hours I did have in which to sleep, my insomnia was running rampant... and since Murphy's law is especially fond of our house, both both boys were roosters this morning and up at the crack of dawn! So I'm going to try to blog about something fun or I'll just start talking about how miserable I am at this very moment. Greg has been gone for a work thing since Sunday... I will be collaspsing and going to bed the moment he walks in the door this evening.

On to more fun things! Took the box outside yesterday to color on it with crayons! There was no way in hades I was going to let them color on it while inside the house, not my kids!! I do believe we had some fun.

They both thought it was neat that I drew a TV on the side and a sembalance of Max & Ruby on it.

Now, to survive the day!

P.S. Things I learned during this event.... 1) you miss good pics when your camera is all fogged up due to the humidity. 2) when it's this hot outside, you really can draw on yourself with crayons. 3) Even better, it's so hot that after about 20 mins you've sweated so much you can't even tell you just had crayon smeared all over you! 4) it's really hot inside a cardboard box... even in the shade, on the patio with the ceiling fan on! Whew!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The living room is gettting less bare!

Last night was date night! Babysitter arrived and off we went! Home decor shopping that is... wait that's not what everyone else does on date night? Hmmmmm. It's just hard to really shop with the boys (as I've mentioned a million times before). We had major plans to hit up a bunch of stores... only made it as far as Garden Ridge and Cost Plus World Market. I haven't been to Garden Ridge since I lived in Atlanta, miss that place, I really could wander for hours in there! World Market we haven't been to since we lived in IL, so not as long, but still, miss it!

We ended up getting lots of odds and ends at Garden Ridge... you know... Margarita glasses, glass beverage dispenser on a wrought iron stand, dividers to organizer clutter in my vanity drawer, a pot for a plant, and 2 kids books. Random, I know.

When we got out of Garden Ridge it looked like the Nothing from Neverending Story (extra points if you know what I'm talking about!!) was rolling in... craziness... but off to World Market we went!

We had 20 mins until the store closed... found a chair for the living room (we've been looking for months), got a new bath rug for the guest bath (you don't even want to know what happened to the old one... living with toddlers is yucky sometimes!) and pillows for the couch, loveseat and new chair in the living room. Score!

After that I was craving a margarita something fierce, went to a place called Guadalajara (no plane ride required)... ended up with a margarita swirled with frozen sangria... oh my! It was lovely!

Made Greg get the chair out this morning and then we went swimming!! Here's some pics (we get loads of early morning sun, no wonder we're up and at 'em!!)...

Yep, Ev, it's a box! The boys are having fun with it right now!

After I took the pictures I retrieved a perfect little side table from our attic. All we need now is a lamp on the other side (or behind) the chair. Perhaps one that is oil rubbed bronze and a swing arm? Not sure... like I said last week, one thing at a time, baby steps :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waste not, want not... actually I just make things up!

Yesterday it was 4pm and I still had no clue what was for dinner. I soooo wish I could be like my friend A, and meal plan like she does .  Try as I may, it just hasn't happened yet :(

So I starting thinking... we had Taco Night last friday (it's actually burritos, but taco night just sounds better) and had leftovers from that. I remembered once upon a time reading a recipe for mexican pie. So I google Mexican Pie and came up with a ton of different recipes! I actually ended up combining a few recipes to come up with our own version!

Layering in a 9x9 casserole dish...

- leftover ground turkey (already seasoned, I only use about 1/3 the seasoning packet) - it might of been 1/3-1/2 lb
- leftover black beans - probably about half a can
- I usually have some frozen southwestern corn, but instead I had frozen that you leave in the bag and steam in microwave, worked out just fine that way too.
- layer of cheese... had about 1/4 of a bag of mexican cheese mix left and 1/4 of a bag of mild cheddar
- sprinkled a little more of my leftover taco seasoning over the that
- 3/4 cup of Bisquick, 1 1/4 cup of milk, and 3 eggs mixed together, pour over rest of ingrediants

Cook @ 400* for 30 mins, serve with a dollop of sour cream!

It was good! Both boys ate it (which is a miracle in itself!), Greg liked it (which he isn't sure of new things he hasn't eaten before), and there was just enough leftover for me to have for lunch today!

Here's a pic... is it bad that I thought of taking a pic for pure bloggy reasons?? I dunno though... it might not look as appetizing as it was! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just one thing, but it's a start!

This weekend we did some shopping. One thing I've had my eye out for is a painting to put on the wall in the "hallway" portion of our living room.  While we love our rug, it's a rare color blue & green. Makes it hard to match. But we lucked out at Home Goods! Found a painting that IS naturey enough for me, but not too much for Greg. The living room has been the hardest to decorate... 2 stories high walls, fireplace with a window over it, and really not that many walls... it's more made by the placement of columns.

The pictures don't really do the space any justice, it doesn't look as washed out in person. It's actually quite a punch of color, especially when the hallway lights are on, it spots like the painting. The kitchen/living room/hallway/entry area of our home is very very busy... so I wanted it to be very serene.

So little by little and very sllllloooooooooooooowlllllllllyyyyyyyyyy we're making our house our home! 'Bout time! ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

I think the hair has something to do with it!

Today Evan turned 19 mths old! That seems so young, but I gotta tell ya, he acts much older. While he's still very much a mama's boy, he's super chatty and observant... but ornery, silly, crazy and fearless doesn't even begin to describe him. I was looking back at some pictures around when he turned one. What a sweet boy!

And taken a few weeks ago.....

And now his hair just sticks completely straight out from every direction. No matter how we cut it. Thought letting it grow would tame it, nope, it still sticks straight out! I swear the personality change can't be because he's a toddler, I think it's directly related to the hair! ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fine Arts Degree needed for Bendaroos

Apparently a degree in Interior & Architectural Design just isn't going to cut it!

Tonight Jake brought me a box of Bendaroos that he got from Sitto (what the boys call my mother) for Christmas. Evan was already in bed, so figured it'd be a fun little thing for us to do together. We open the box and out come all the wax "building" sticks and instruction booklet. Wow. They want you to do some pretty intricate stuff involving cutting up the sticks, using tons of them, and even using colors that they don't give you in the package!

Well, I didn't want to start cutting them into pieces and didn't want to use up a whole bunch. These will also be great for forming letters and shapes! So I just kind of came up with our own version... but he seemed tickled pink by them. I used the colors we had, and didn't cut any of the sticks. We made and owl that he named Mr. Peas and a turtle named Franklin! Franklin I get, from the show on Nick Jr (that while it's cute, the turtle is super whiney and I prefer not to watch it) but Mr. Peas I think could perhaps be Mr. Pees... because he cackles with delight whenever I said it, especially when I sang it like the Franklin intro song but with Mr. Peas instead of Franklin. Boys! LOL!

I tried to put them next to their crazy ass instructions for comparison...

But Jake was pretty excited about them anyways and it made me have to think creatively, so we both had a good time.

They're both sitting on his dresser right now while he's sleeping!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Realized I haven't posted any pics lately

Yikes all words and no pics, blah blah blah ;) Let's see if I can find some to share...

Me and the boys in the French Quarter

Evan in a hand towel... how funny is that!?!?

We stopped at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo for lunch!

Hanging out on the deck on the edge of the mountain in Gatlinburg

Jake and me in downtown Gatlinburg

Enjoying an Indiana Summer dinner out on the patio after lots of swimming!

Slip n Slide... more slip then slide... became more of a crawl and get wet ;)

Uncle D had fun with the boys, and the boys had lots of fun with him too!

Figure some pics will do until I can get back to formulating full sentences and thoughts! ha!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not sure where to start again!

I feel totally overwhelmed with getting back to normal... but crave it oh so much! It still feels rather whirlwind like and the rain, oh the buckets and buckets of rain, is making it hard to completely return to normal.

The 4 day weekend was nice. After 3 weeks of being gone, it took 2 trips to the grocery store to restock and I'll probably go again tonight on the way home from a MNI. Part of that was because while I was gone 2 mama friends had a baby, one had surgery, and another returned home from a very long unexpected hospital stay. I signed up to take them all meals this week. Two down, two to go! I didn't want to miss out on lending a hand so figured it'd be best when I got back and knock them all out at the same time! So far so good!

In returning home after being gone for so long, I could smell the new construction smell of our home that I haven't smelled in a year! I also noticed how bare our home really is... pretty embarassing considering I went to school for Interior & Architectural Design! So it's renewed a sense of wanting to finally make our home look like we actually you know, live here! Be expecting to see a couple posts on the subject in the next few months as we really try to make an effort to decorate! I have tons of ideas, but find it hard to put into fruitation. Here goes nothing!

As for the boys... they're doing good. They were so freaking good on our trip. Really. Did awesome with the 8-9 hr multiple days in the car, sleeping in different places over the 19 days, not getting to sleep as long/much as normal or as early, did well with being around so many family members that they don't really know, and it was so unbelieveably HOT everywhere we went (I swear it followed us!). Now that we're home, they're quite the handful, making up for lost time/antics I guess. Jake is getting to be a bonafide KID and Evan is a passionate, emotional, very active toddler who can steal your heart and break it all in the same second!

So to sum up, we're hanging in there and getting back to normal ;)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh yah... we're home!

Sorta just went into zone out mode once we finally wrapped up our 19th day of our road trip!

We made it home on Thursday. Greg picked up take out on his way home, put both boys to bed early, then I crashed as well. I was beyond tired. He also took Friday off, so we had a 4 day weekend to enjoy, yay!

Hope to resume normal bloggy activities soon... posting AND reading all my friend's blogs!

Happy Fourth of July!