Friday, January 21, 2011

Copy Cat Jersey Scarf/Necklace

A couple weeks ago I came across this post on how to make a jersey scarf/necklace out of an old tshirt. I've been thinking about doing it a lot, but didn't have the nerve. That's not the sort of crafty/creative I am...
but today I said "heck, with it! I'm giving it a whirl!"

First I got an old shirt (maternity shirt actually) that had a stain that I've never been able to remove. Cut off from the sleeves up and the bottom hem.

Then fold both of the side seams together and start cutting strips from the nonseam folded side up to the seams. Leaving about 1 inch or so un cut. This is when I found out that wow I have no "cutting" strength... I worked up a sweat, but it was pretty quick work.

Then I laid it across my lap while the boys where in here terrorizing each other when they weren't playing on the Smart Cycle and separated each loop, stretching it out and twisting it as I went. You do this to help it have more of a swag/hang to it.

At this point I'm thinking "what AM I doing??
This is going to look ridiculous and I'll never be able to pull it off anyways!"

Then you unfold the shirt (sorry for the dark/flashed needed pics it was a rainy dreary day that became night fast!)

 Open it up like you used to do when putting it on, roll one end with the seams  to put it around the back of your neck, letting the rest drap like a necklace.

You kind of have to mess with the other seam that hangs down then, because it shows a little,
but a little fussin was all it needed!

I liked this shot so I could hide behind the camera!

Okay fine I'll say hi :)

I wore it to Moms Night with my moms group. We were just hanging at someones house, so it wasn't public-public... in case I looked like a goofball. They all noticed it, asked if I made it, and then how. Not sure if it's because it looks very homemade or if it's because I posted this on FB when I first read about it ;)

My only issue is that the shirt I picked also had some sort of a shorter fiber shimmery stuff woven in too... it was "dandruffing" out onto my shirt all night. Nothing terrible, but something to keep in mind! I also found that stretching out the loops a little more made it look better than above.

Overall, I'd say success. It was free and I have a little punchy accessory when needed. In looking at the pics,I think a crew or scoop neck would be better than the vneck. I think I'd like to do one more that's from a super soft all cotton true tshirt (I have a gray one in mind). Fun!

And while I'm at it, I think I'll link up with Kate for her Flaunt it Friday party and Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special !


Sarah said...

I like it! I'll definitely have to try that. What was the link to the first time you showed this craft? I remember the girl did it with some kind of patterned shirt & I wanted to check the pics out again before I decide if I want to try a solid tee or patterned one.

W Design said...

Looks great, Tyson!!

Tys said...

Sarah follow the link at the beginning of my post and it'll take you to peas & crayons post that she did!

Ayelet said...

very crafty, Tys!!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you made it! =) Thanks for linking back to me, love! =) Our blogs obviously have to be friends now!

I had a scarf making party with friends recently and we had little fluffy scarf dandruff everywhere! We're thinking of either hand washing them or washing these babies in a dyrer bag on delicate and then seeing if that helps! maybe a little quick dryer action too! =)

I'll let you know if it helps! lint rollers work like a charm too! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Liz said...

I love it! You are so dang crafty. And I love the look of the blog!! Well done! ;-)

Tys said...

Thanks for checking out my little craft! I haven't done it yet, but I definitely want to make one out of a gray tshirt I think!

Jennifer said...

Send me a photo if you do! =) I'm going to do a feature on everyone elses copycat scarves <3 I'm going link to everyones blogs and make it a little bloggie shindig =)