Thursday, January 27, 2011

Copy Cat Scrap Fabric Bracelets!

I've been quite the copy cat lately! Thanks to my friend Elizabeth, I discovered Blue Cricket Designs (well, hello!) and while browsing her site I found these. I've been all about accessories lately, especially ones that if they get mauled or mangled by a kiddo it's really no big deal!

When I saw what she used as her "base" I was like "hey we have those!" (and "I hope I didn't donate them ALL!")... once on road trip we got a girls' toy instead. No biggie, the boys like bracelets and life's too short to care they're pink! However, after the initial interest, they don't play with them at all. In fact since they're the only pink girly things in our house, the little girls at our playdates ALWAYS find them (even when I haven't seen them in weeks!). Sorry little girlies that play at our house, big mama is gonna use 'em! hee hee!

I just followed what she did ....


For the record the green and blue scrap fabric strips are from 2 pairs of my favorite pajama pants that I ripped the butt out of both of them like 2 weeks apart... I don't want to talk about it ;)

Then I got to thinking about all the rubber bracelets we get each summer for access to our neighborhood pools. They're like the Live Strong ones, so more flexible. Hmmmm... what if....

Fun huh? I likey!! What I like most about this project is that it does NOT have to be perfect which IS perfect!

The whole process only took about an hour (from gathering all the stuff to cleaning up). Probably shorter if in the middle of this I wasn't slicing up an apple for the boys snack and then playing their new "game" where I'm to draw a toilet or toilet paper on their magna doodles so that they can "draw poop"! HA! Gotta love boys... no wonder I'm into more "girly" accessories lately ;)

P.S. Hookin up with House of Hepworths! Go check out cool stuff everyone else is doing!


Pam said...

Those are cute! I have some of those bracelets too. I'll have to get to wrapping them. Now if you can figure out how to wrap Silly Banz I'll be all set.

Jennifer said...