Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good-bye 2010 and Hello 2011!

I was trying to come up with some spectacular post to start off the year. Perhaps a review of the year? Reflections? No, how about goals for the new year? Resolutions? Nah, not feeling it!

But I will tell you I've decided on two things (I like to call them proclamations in my head)...

1. No new furniture or decor will be bought for this home unless it's massively on sale. Other than that it's thrift store hunting, yard sales, craigslist, etc... It's good for the budget (and green!), but mainly the boys ARE boys (they've seriously done NONE of this on purpose) and it makes Greg and myself way too sad to see our stuff get scratches, cracks, scuffs, holes, stained, etc. Even more sadly, what the boys don't ruin... unfortunately WE do (I actually took a huge gouge out of my year old dining room table with my engagement ring - it's still a mystery - but I did it)! Ugh! So time to get back to crafting like I did in the fall... and light the proverbial fire under my butt and get creative!!

2. Operation Organization. If I lose one more thing in this house and waste anymore time looking for stuff... I think I'm going to lose it. Our case is very unique. Most organization issues arise from not enough space. Not the problem here. The problem is I had things so well put together in our townhome in IL. My transition to a stay at home first time momma gave me the final push to be organized. That's alot coming from a recovering slob!

We purged! Clutter was banished! Everything at a home! I knew exactly where to look for anything! We had a schedule! Ahhhh.... those were the days... okay, those still are the days somewhat... but it all needs an overhaul and precise fine tuning!

We tripled our space in our move to Texas. We have closets out the yin-yang yet now I can't find anything. We just put stuff where ever because we can. The first year it was okay... now we're fast approaching 2 years here and I can't take it any more! I NEED more organization. Greg is on board and our goal is to get organized to our level of satisfaction by the end of the first quarter of this year! YAY!

So those are the main things. Some other small things I'd like to accomplish for the new year...

- Get reacquainted with the sewing machine
- Paint that china cabinet black, FINALLY!
- DIY/thrift up the foyer area
- complete my mini laundry room & coat closet makeover

There's more, but I'll leave off there... got make this all attainable, right?

Personally, I desperately need to get back to exercising and eating better. So cliche I know, but oh so true.

Household wise... gotta get back on the meal planning wagon (man, I used to be sooo good about this and I've gotten downright horrible) which leads to better grocery shopping which leads to better budgeting. We'd like to be more serious about saving. Don't get me wrong we still save a certain amount each month, but I truly think we could do a whole lot better if we were more strict.

So that's about all I've got right now.. beside a HUGE MESS in just about every facet of life right at the moment. Once I get the last of the Christmas stuff up (we like to enjoy it as long as possible, but time is up!) hopefully after tonight we can start to attack 2011 with gusto!

I hope you stick with me along the way!! I can only suspect I'll need some cheers, some handholding, feedback, ideas, and definitely some laughs!

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Denise said...

I don't call mine resolutions either and they do sounds a lot like yours.
Kids are so hard on furniture : (

Anonymous said...

Go Girl Go!

Rachael said...

Yep, your list sounds a whole lot like mine. I'm also not going to bring another piece of furniture into the house! I'll be repurposing and DIYing it up as much as I can. Good luck with everything.

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Anonymous said...

Great goals!