Sunday, January 30, 2011

IKEA or bust!

This morning once the boys finished their banana & cinnamon waffles we made, we're off to IKEA!

Have quite a list! Hoping to score it all and not spend a shocking amount!

I go armed with a list, measurements, tape measure, fed & rested kids... and when I get there I swear my brain turns to goo! We always leave w/o getting something or get so overwhelmed by the buy it piece-by-piece system that we just say forget it! Today we brave it and hope for the best :)

I actually couldn't sleep last night I'm so ansy about it! haha, what a dork!

Some projects I hope to start complete with this trip....

- Master Bedroom Closet organization
- entryway mirror
- possible coat rack for entry way
- curtains, rods & clips for master bedroom
- step stools for the boys
- possible pantry or laundry room organization
- MAYBE a coffee table - gotta see it up close first!
- a few boxes for movie organization in the playroom now that we got rid of our big console
- annnnndddd?????

EDITED TO ADD: We're back once again not as fruitful as I hoped, but still spent more than expected... not our most frugal shopping as of late! But did get a bookcase for all my books for in our bedroom, mirror, stepstools, some decor items, curtains, and a couple organization baskets.

We had lunch then drove back home so the boys could nap. Then stopped and got little man's hair cut! His first not-at-home haircut! One more stop at Lowes for a curtain rod, reccessed light conversion pendant kit, and some caulking.

Can we say PROJECTS! Definitely have some stuff to keep us mega busy. Now I just need to finish organizing my closet for my little challenge with some friends!


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

I love going to Ikea!! You will have to update us with what you find!

Angie @ What Makes me Happy said...

Linking to your blog from Debbiedoos. I am your newest follower and hope your IKEA trip was productive!

A Vintage Vine said...

I love Ikea! Can not get enough of that store!