Friday, January 7, 2011

Junk Drawers Part 1

Yes, that's drawers with a big ole "s" at the end. We have multiple junk drawers. I'm not sure how it happened, but oh my did it happen!! I'm doing this as a two part post so after fully embarassing myself, I have motivation to clean it all up! Here goes nothing!

Confession time... we have SIX. Every single last one of them is a total mess.

Let's meet the offenders (poor drawers!)....

Drawer 1 & 2 between the kitchen entry and the fridge. Hiya Woody ;) Oh and would you look at that, even the charging station has it's own mini junk drawer. Geez-a-lou!!

Drawer 3 across the entry from drawer 1 & 2

Drawer 4 & 5 in the Butler's Pantry

Drawer 6 in the office

Holy Smokes! I feel like I just let you all see a picture of me in my undies! Yikes!

Step One: took all the junk and put into boxes and sat down during naptime to sort

Was left with this assortment of crap (some will go back to junk drawers in an orderly fashion, rest will go back to it's rightful home):

Wow, pretty scary AND offensive! Interesting factoids: 3 flashlights (two are rechargable ones from our house in IL, the movers just took the flashlights off but left the charger on the wall!), quite literally a mountain of pens & markers (who doesn't love sharpies!?!?), a trillion pads of paper/small notebooks (I do love making lists, but geez!), enough electronic cords and whatnots to keep Greg busy sorting for a whole night, lighters, bubbles, discount cards, expired coupons, and loads of other stuff as you can tell! The most confounding thing for me is that I unearthed about a dozen dispensers of various types of tape and a dozen things of superglue... do we have some sort of obsession with keep things together?? ha! Out of all that, only a little bit left of "not sure exactly what to do with".

Step Two: Reassigned drawer listed as drawer #3 the job of holding dish towels & oven mitts. I had been shoving the oven mitts in with utensils and it was bothersome. Plus, my other drawer was just exploding. I have a dozen white washclothes that I use to wash up the boys after their meals. I have these so I don't have to use wipes or paper towels (green & budget friendly!) and they're so easy to just bleach & wash!! That is no longer a junk drawer.

One down, Five more to go!


Amanda said...

Oh man, can I relate. I do have junk drawers but I also have a junk cabinet. I feel that this winter will be the season of organization. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow-Way to go T!

iheartorganizing said...

I am intrigued! I absolutely can't wait to see more! Thanks so much for sharing your progress! You have done great so far!