Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pocketwatch Alarm Clock

I like it dark when I sleep. In fact, I fantasize about sleeping in a cave with not one speck of light (and the peace & quiet too... ahhhh). Odd? I don't know, do you like it completely dark? The rest of my fam does too. I'm pretty sure Jake is the only 4 yr old that will complain if there's a light on or if he's room is too light. Evan, 2 yrs old, will not go to sleep if we've forgotten to turn off the bathroom light and it's shining under the door to his room. So to sum up - we ALL like it dark when we sleep! ;)

When we moved we got a nice little black slim line alarm clock for our nightstand. I thought the blue numbers would be sort of soothing. Well, over a year later and it feels like we have a freakin lamp on all night. On the nights insomnia plagues me the light from it drives me nuts!

I saw this awhile ago and knew this is what we needed! Yes, a Pottery Barn clock. A smidge on the spendy side. But any other knock off version does not have the glow in the dark dots on the hands. So we took a gift certificate from when we got married (yes, almost 6 years ago - we kept losing it, then go to the store w/o it, and since it's a certificate and not a gift card we could only spend it in the store) and last week went to Pottery Barn! So it was a very belated wedding gift really ;)

After answering a BILLION questions from Jake on why/how we purchased the new clock, we replaced it.

Ah.... serenity.... Greg and I both have been sleeping so much better! Plus, it looks great too!!

Here are some daylight pics...

Looking at these pics reminds me I want to find various frameless/beveled mirrors to display over the headboard. It also makes me miss our Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe paint from our previous Master Bedroom... might have to rectify that soon!

I think I need a book to set it on too, like in the PB display

And at night....

Makes me want to go take a nap!

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea! Sounds like it is a perfect fit. Aunt J