Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Top It Off

... above our entertainment center that is!

I've told you before that our home is coming together one teeny tiny bit at a time. This weekend we finally finished a project that was 11 mths in the making! Yes almost a year! I really should stop confessing this stuff, ha ha!

Last Feburary we went to this Iron works place... really neat stuff. It's where we got our outside pots on our patio. We got a iron scrolly thingy (yes, technical term) wall decor for above our entertainment center. Something to help top off the space since the living room has 2 story high walls.

10 mths were spent avoiding putting it up due to probably ridiculous reasons... mostly because we couldn't figure out the best way to hang it, make sure it's secure, and not be eye sore and ruin the look of the iron piece. For 10 mths it looked like this...

Then Greg decides he wants to use toggles in the wall (since where we want to hang it, there's like one stud and in the total wrong spot) but figures that won't work because they're shiney silver. Hello, hun? Spray paint!

So I spray painted parts of the toggles that would be visable with Rustoleum's Hammered Bronze.

Then up it went (Greg got quite the arm workout) and we put in the toggles (it was hard with having to lean so much over the entertainment center) they blend right in...

 ...and it was done! Again, why we put this off for so long I just don't know!!

What do you think? Not one person mentioned on Monday when we had everyone over for playgroup! Maybe that just means it looks as if it's always should of been there!?!? Yah, I'm going with that! We're happy with it, that's for sure!

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Looks GREAT! J