Monday, January 31, 2011

When great ideas go belly up!

I don't know about you, but it sure takes the wind out of my sails when it happens!

Yesterday I was so excited, we purchased a Reccessed Light Conversion Kit for a pendant light. Thought this would look great over the sink in the kitchen. I've seen these in the Ballard Designs catalog (pricey of course) and Home Decorators (still more than I want to spend). Come to find out, Lowes sells them... and for $19.97! Only thing was they only come in brushed nickel or bronze. No biggie, just a couple light coats of black spray paint!

Get it home, make sure the length I want the cord to be, head outside and spray paint! It all was coming together nicely... that should of been my first clue of what was to come!

Greg installs it, we stand back ready to admire it... then we notice. The builders installed the original can light NOT centered. How we never noticed this in almost 2 years, I have no clue! But after measuring we find it's actually TWO inches off center. With a pendant hanging in front of a window, over a double sink... there's just no way to pull it off :(

Looks okay if you NEVER look at it head on (like when you walk into my kitchen!)

So down it came, back in the can light went, and now it's ALL we can see... how off center it is!!!

Booo! I was sooo excited for this cheap yet classy fix. Feels defeating to say the least! Worse is, we can't return it because I painted it and there's nowhere else to use it... upon further investigation we find the one in the butlers pantry is 3" off center... ugh! :(

However there is still this goregous fabric sitting waiting patiently for me to teach myself to sew and make them into beautiful kitchen valances/curtains! Does this make you smile, like it does me!?

Ever have this happen to you??


Chris said...

I will never, for the life of me, understand what those electricians are thinking when they put in lights or ceiling fans. Can they not find the center of something? My breakfast area light is off center and drives me nuts. We have a fan there now with a light kit but eventually I plan to take the light kit off and have an electrician put in recessed lights around the breakfast area (where I tell him to put them). You might be able to move the light over a bit but I really don't know.

Jennifer said...

Ohmygosh Tys that fabric! It matches one of my dinnerware/mug sets! and I'm obsessed with it!!! =)

I need to learn how to sew too!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Anonymous said...

Swag cord placed on a nicely painted black hook? I don't know if one would help in your situation as it is off such a small amount. That is usually how I handle the out of center electrical issues. Love, Aunt J

Tys said...

Yah to small of a difference to work the swag or make a new hole. Blah! Gotta find a new project to help me forget the off centered light!!