Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who has time for something decadent?

Ever want to do something but find yourself not doing it because you think it'll just take forever or not be worth the effort? I do this a lot unfortunately. I get scared off from trying something new due to worrying that I'll make a big mess, do a lot of work, only to not be happy with how it turns out a waste of my time (time is at a premium around here!).

I've been trying to be better about that though! I'm always telling the boys "just try it, you never know"... so I should practice what I preach! Ok, makes sense, but what about something decadent?

It was Tea Party day with the play group yesterday. So I put in the boys in button ups and khakis (is that bad that I consider that dressed up??) and they asked if I was dressing up too. I got a little fancy. Everyone always brings a snack and I was racking my brain to figure out something that could be sort of a fancy snack but nothing that would take too long (because I had like 30 mins before leaving). Taking a quick inventory of the pantry and the refrigerator I thought! Chocolate covered strawberries! Then I thought I'd make it more kid/parent friendly by just drizzling a small amount across. Less sugar, much more fruit ;)

Thought I'd share what I did since it didn't take much time at all, clean up was fast, and the result were definitely more bang for their buck! I'll admit to not taking pics of the process, as I was running low on time as it was. So I tried to recreate it a little :)

Using the Vanilla Coating I got at Christmas but only used a little of....

Created my own double boiler (don't believe the package when they say it's easily microwaveable!!) to melt

Then laid down some wax paper on the counter next to the stove top. Put strawberries on wax paper. Once the vanilla coating was melted I'd dip the fork in then sort of holding above the strawberries flicking it over them. They're dry/hardened in a couple minutes due to it being such a light coating

Pulled out a fancy plate from a Great Aunt and arranged the strawberries (cutting off the ends because with young toddler they won't just stop at the leaves!)

Away we went (photo taken with iPhone) out into the rainy dreary day armed with umbrellas and rain boots to enjoy our fancy part of the day :)

Yes, I just gave a step-by-step of something very easy (no laughing at me my food bloggy friends!!).

That's the whole point, something decadent for very little effort... something I'm all for these days :)


Anonymous said...

Yum Yum! Looks too good to eat. LOL Love Aunt J

Theresa said...

Those look yummy! :)