Monday, January 3, 2011

Why didn't I think of that?

 (Alternate post title: Tale of Two TV's and their accessories). Let me tell you a little tale about receivers (for surround sound system), tv's, and tv consoles! Stay with me now....

Oh and first I know an easy solution would be not to have TVs... but alas, we really love to watch TV and movies! I'll just admit it and move on. Plus, I can't totally squash all Greg's electronic asperations. Okay? Okay :) On with the tale...

We have too ginormous TVs. Right before flat screens were affordable they had plasma's that weren't flat and when Greg and I moved in together he came with TWO. He actually only bought one, it was struck by lightening the next month (I'm NOT kidding!) and due to insurance he was able to replace it. Thing was every test shows the TV to be DEAD, but it's still working almost 7 years since the strike. Interesting huh? So we have two of these suckers.

When we got here, there was no holding him back any longer... a flat screen was purchased for our living/family room. The nicer of the two  other TVs was put in the playroom (since the surround sound is set up in there - it's our movie watching space since the living/family room is so open) and the other into our media room (exercise/sewing room - interesting combo, no?). All was well with the TV viewing world.

Eight months ago the receiver went belly up (the dvd function had already broke like 4 years ago - right after the warranty expired - we were just using it for sound) it was the equvilent of a fancy concrete block. Technicians at Best Buy said the only option was just to bury it... must of been bad to not even try to get money out of us to try to fix it! So we've had no surround sound and have to use a separate remote (gasp!) for the sound on the tv! All okay by me.... but even I have to admit.. you can sure hear these super quiet then super lound movies better with surround sound.

He finally got fed up with it and bought a receiver. That's when we found out, the one he previously had was an odd size and our console was a similar odd size (who knew!?). Little did we know, we'd been living with a not easily replicated solution!No receiver will fit now!

But he asked for one for christmas from his parents (he was instructed to warn of the size restriction, but....), and we received a nice purdy new one!

So here's the issue...
1. It will NOT fit in our current almost 2 year old tv console
2. The original stand for that TV is gone, we had left it unknowingly in our attic in IL when we moved... they no longer make them
3. IF we decide to get a new console we'll have to spend at the CHEAPEST $400 to get one that can support the weight of that TV AND have the 3 spots for the equipment.
4. If we got a new one we'd have to try to sell our current one -- wouldn't get much for it though. We got it from IKEA the weekend we moved here. When Greg got home we found it to be damaged, but we were NOT going back so we just put it together with damaged corners -- no one is going to pay more that $50 for it (original price $250).

I spent the last week thinking up different scenarios. Rather than bore you any more I'll spare all the details.

Then Greg came up with this beaut:

- The stand in the media room for the same TV is dark brown
- The orginial stand for THAT one, we actually have! (and it only works for that one, not the other)
- Paint the dark brown one white and put in the playroom
- Then put the original stand on the one in the media room
- We can sell the 2 yr old one from the playroom and not feel so bad about the huge drop in price!

Schew! That WILL work! Go Greg! Can I admit to you how defeating it is that I DID NOT think of that!?!? Oh well, I can always be the queen of planning!

Only kink in the plan, the TVs are WAY to heavy for us to lift and move even together. So hoping we can have a friend come Friday to take the TVs off their stands and then back Sunday after all the painting is done, put them back on.

In looking I see I don't have any recent pics... but here ya go anyway!

The set up in the playroom (in the background of those cute train engineers)....

The set up in the media room (which for the record isn't sporting as bare of walls now)....

Soon to be different!! Stay Tuned!! We hope to get this done asap!!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the stuff that is right in front of you the whole time that seem the most elusive to see. Great idea Greg. T - you need to give him this one even though your count is up to 1,123,456. LOL Love, Aunt J