Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bland Sad Corner, no more... with a sneak peek!

On Saturday I showed you our little sad little bland corner in our master bedroom

Sunday I put a little fire under the hubs (which I think he caught the tail end of what we all suffered through last week - so that's saying a lot) and he put the bookcase together for me that we got at IKEA on our most recent trip.

Oh my! What a difference! It was amazing how much it changed things just by it's presence! The height really helps things and the storage it offers is wonderful. I loved putting all my favorite books in there to display... I did find a few accessories to put in there as well. Not sure if those are permanent or not, and perhaps I should put something on top. Accessories are still "in progress".

We weren't done after that. There's also another project you can see when looking at the bookcase... curtains! We finally added curtains and wow, we're kicking ourselves for waiting so long to do so! If (hopefully when) we paint our room Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe those curtians will pop even more!
(Nevermind the glow-eyed-kitty)

We got the curtains at IKEA, called Ritva. They're super long (118" and comes with iron-on strip to cut & hem - that I still need to do as you'll see) and not too expensive at $24.99 for a 2 pack, 100% cotton. We didn't use the tie backs and we used clips instead of putting the rod through the tabs.

The curtain rod we got from Lowe's, it's made of wood (you can't tell until you're up close or holding it, seems like wrought iron) and was $16.99 per 6' rod and then the brackets were $5.99 per 2. We did spend some money, around $102. Which isn't bad at all considering it's to cover a 12 ft stretch of windows, 4 curtain panels, and hangs almost 100" down.

Since the camera died right when starting to put them up, I did take pic with the IPhone while Jake wasn't playing Angry Birds (how we kept them out of our hair for those 20 mins - that's okay to admit right??).

This morning...

We weren't sure what to expect. While my background is interior design, I never got into textiles, I was into space planning/budgeting/floor plans. So textiles still make me nervous, it was my worse class in school too!

We are very happy with the results! It totally makes the room, it feel luxurious (to me!). Totally kicking myself for not have a "before" shot. I could of sworn amongst our many pictures of our home that there would be that shot saved somewhere, so I didn't worry about taking one. There is not one, and it's too late now! Just imagine a very non descript wall that appears to be not as tall.

Now in these pics you've seen some little sneak peeks of the master bedroom. How about a full tour of the master bedroom tomorrow??


Katie @ OhhBaby said...

It looks great! I love it!

Theresa said...

The curtains look Great!


Ellie Davis said...

i like it! I actually have been looking at that cabinet for my fabrics. Good job girl!

⊰OCDesign⊱ said...

I love your blog, style and ideas so much I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award! I hope you stop by and accept!