Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun-filled Fabric Wreath making!

Last night I had "moms night in" with some of my girlies. It was a craft night with some wine & chatting & snacks, and we made these fabric wreaths! Cute, huh!?

I once again used fabric from my favorite pair of jammie pants that I had to retire due to the ripped seat of them that we still don't talk about ;) Then I picked up some remnants from Jo Anns... not colors I'd always put together because while they're all green... they kinda clash. Also grabbed a couple of quarters as well. My total spent in fabric was about $2.50. I will admit that I got a little bit of a green eye when seeing some of my friends picked up the fat quarter packs that already have all these cool spunky coordinating fabrics all together (just a little!), but I think my "on the cheap" fabric selection still held it's own!

It's pretty simple. For better instructions I recommend clicking this link ;)

You cut your fabric into 2' x 11' strips, I wasn't even precise and I made some a bit bigger or smaller depending on how much fabric I had. Pictured is 3 of the fabrics, I actually used 6.

Take a wire hanger form into a circle, bending/wrapping the hanger hook back onto itself. Is it wrong that talking about wire hangers always makes me this of this scene from Mommy Dearest???

Tie all your strips (double knotting) on to the wire, somewhat having a pattern/order to the fabrics but no need to completely follow. For awhile you'll think "this looks silly".

Then viola you have a fun fabric wreath! I likey! Can't wait to find a good place to hang it. Oh speaking of hanging it you can just take a ribbon and tie both ends to the wire in between some fabric pieces and there ya go (I still need to add mine!).

Big thanks to our wonderfully crafty & organized friend Ellie! Seriously she's talented, even has her own etsy store!!

This weekend we leave for the H Family 2011 Road Trip to Arizona! Taking the laptop with of course, we'll just see what we have in store for blogging! :)


Charlene said...

Looks great. I thought the same thing about the hangers when I made my heart wreath. LOL! I even joked about it with my boys (asking them which one wanted to go first hahhaa).

⊰OCDesign⊱ said...

Laid out as whole fabric they may clash a bit, but on the wreath they look amazing! I love it, and it just proves wire hangers are good for something!

A Vintage Vine said...

Great looking wreath! Have fun in family lives there too, we road trip there all the time! The weather will be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great use for fabric scraps!!

Crafty Housewife said...

These are so cute, I have always loved these kinds of wreaths! It took me a while to get here, but I found you through Debbiedoos!