Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I spy with my little eye (Ballard Designs Catalog)

... things I wonder will be the next trends and hacks??

I L-O-V-E getting the Ballard Designs catalog! It's doubtful I'll ever buy anything from it price-wise, but boy do I love diving into the catalog as soon as it arrives!

These are just some thoughts I had while drooling over the latest catalog last night! Might be things that have already been thought/blogged about... just nod your head and smile ;)

Remember these beauts ($35-$49)?
Terra-Cotta Pears

They were being hacked (ie recreated/copied) all over the place! Look at them now...

Twine Pear

I'm shocked I haven't seen these magnetic boards ($69) being hacked, they look great and probably are not hard to DIY...
Magnetic Board
Some sheet metal, modge podged or hot glued fabric, some ribbon... viola a great memo board!

I've seen these demijohns ($39-$129 each) for awhile too, lots of tutorials on how to make the knotted jute over the glass bottle or completely covered in twine to look like these...

Jute Covered Demijohn  Cane Covered Demijohn

But what about these burlap demijohns?

I can just see all the DIY possibilities now! Favorite images, quotes, wedding dates... involving pens or black paint, stencils, and lots of modge podge and/or hot glue ;)

Then I saw this wonderful piece ($899)....

Belgard Cabinet

I like it. It's wood without having to be all matchy with other woods but will coordinate awesome with just about any other type of wood in the room. Can almost be modern, vintage, shabby chic, transitional, and country/farmhouse just depending on how you dress it! It's also has a home in the whole "gray is the new beige" thing that's starting right now.

I haven't seen it in Pottery Barn yet (which is the home design trending monster) but I have seen it at Cost Plus World Market and some other random places. Not saying it's the NEW BIG thing at all... but I do think it's a viable option for something different but not out there.

Grey-Weathered Farmhouse Console Table - Cost Plus World Market Grey-Weathered Farmhouse Coffee Table - Cost Plus World Market

I think the "grey wash" accessories like these candlesticks ($79) kind of goes with it...

Lucerne Candleholder

Everything is taking on a very natural feel/look to it (has it has been for awhile, but seems even more so) yet sorta fancy.... "fancy natural" perhaps??. Lots of burlap, twine, seagrass, rattan, etc... I even saw a burlap bedskirt!
Fringed Burlap Bedskirts

Which isn't my style at all, but I can only imagine someone really making it rock in a room!

Even saw a wood beaded chandy ($119-$349)!

Maddox Beaded Chandelier

That was fun! As always, I love oogling Ballard Designs catalogs... I read them like they're magazines and Greg has to literally pry them out of my hands after I've acquired a season of them to put in the recycling bin! I'm not always best in the whole DIY/hack thing... but these are just some of the things I could envision seeing out there in blogland!


Amanda said...

Some lovely pieces!

Ellie Davis said...

I'm all up for making the magnetic boards. I actually wanted to make some large ones for Jackson's playroom with some fun fabric I found! let's do it some weekend!!??

Val said...

I could look through The Ballard Catalog for hours!!! =)

Tys said...

Yes Ellie! Lets make some!!

Crafty Housewife said...

Nice finds! I love your taste in home decor, a kindred spirit indeed, though I agree with you on the prices.