Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Master Bedroom Tour

Got to see some snippets of the room yesterday when I talked about my new bookcase and lovely curtains.

Thought I'd take you on a full tour today! I'm not thrilled with the pictures at all. I've tried taking them at various times of the day but I've decided that it's the angle of the winter light that's throwing it all off. So you'll just have to suffer through ;) Oh and don't forget we're hoping to paint the walls Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe in a month or so (it's a wonderful cozy yet refined taupey gray).

I don't consider this room done by any means... but it's got some good bones to work with. Don't knock me for it being too matchy-matchy. I can only do so much with an engineer that "wants to make decisions too" (hahaha). We did purchase our furniture completely new when we first moved in... our previous furniture was a set Greg got when he was in the 8th GRADE! We were movin' on up ;)

Our bedroom, like a lot in Texas, is on the first floor. We have a little hallway off the living room that is where we have our photo gallery wall (you can read about it here). Then into our room...

Along the wall is a picture of 3 drawings we purchased at a little shop on Pier 39 when we were there for our Wedding/Honeymoon (you can read about it and our story here).

When you walk in you see my dresser and also my new little reading nook (just needs some light!) complete with two sacks of fur that you can meet here ;) The chair is a handmedown and it's technically the wrong color blue... but we're rolling with it for now.

On top of dresser are some $.25 goodwill candlesticks, a pottery barn lantern bought with wedding gift cards we've held onto for 6 years AND one of my favorite pictures of us on our wedding day...

Then it's our wall of windows now dressed that we saw yesterday

Our bed... my side is the shelves his is the night stand.

You can see the pocketwatch clock I talked about last month and wow that lampshade needs some jazz does it not?

I'm really trying to figure out what to do over our bed... it needs something for sure though! Just haven't found anything that speaks to me or our budget! Taking ideas though :)

Enters into our bathroom (a tour for another day!)

His dresser with pics of our cute babes

That concludes our tour!

In looking at these pics, I realize I'm not a very good "stager" the pillows aren't straight, the cover is crumply, and yep - missing good decorative accents! But there you have it! Kinda simple with hopefully a little class :)

See anything you like? Anything give you any ideas? Do you have any ideas for me?


the cape on the corner said...

love those pictures from your honeymoon, and that wedding one. you guys are soo flippin' cute! and i love your bedroom furniture-matchy or not, i love it. where's it from? and, i'm your newest follower. woot!

Lindsay said...

I don't think the lack of decorative accents like you say is necessarily a bad thing. Your room looks soooo clutter free and THAT is a good thing! Have you thought about painting or even maybe stenciling the ceiling? Not JUST A Housewife did an awesome stenciled ceiling!
You can check it out here :)

My House of L said...

love the curtains and the throw on the bed!!

Anne said...

I love those curtains! I just hung some in my living room that look similar, and I really love the way it looks. Your room is so clean and uncluttered- very welcoming! : )