Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh where oh where is my camera charger?

Oh where oh where can it be??

We were getting some projects done last night and BAM the camera is out of juice. If I can get the kids behaving and the hubs to do somethings I need for these projects I'm not gonna stop the "project train" then. Just figured I'd take some pictures later!

The results are fabulous!

However, I can NOT find the camera charger! Oh no! I checked in the two places Greg likes to shove things (like the camera charger) and still can't find it. I even texted him on is work cell (bad, I know) and all he suggests are those two places I've already looked!

Now the sun is changing in that room and makes for not as good of pictures. Let's hope I can find the charger soon... I can wait to show you what we did in our bedroom!

Also thinking that in showing what we did will also lead into a tour of the master bedroom this week. How does that sound?

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