Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Picture into Mirror for Foyer

The foyer, like many areas in our home, is a big bare empty space.

I can envision grandiose things for this space, with the exception of the budget.
We loved how cozy it was when we moved stuff in there during Christmas to make room for the tree.

In my head I came up with this budget friendly idea (no laughing!)

Originally I wanted something more with a hall tree (expensive!). Found I could sort of achieve the same look with a nice leather & wood bench with a mirror above. Now it's time to start creating/acquiring the pieces to bring it all together.

First on the list, the mirror.

We had this picture that my mother so graciously gave to us when we built our first home. It's a little out of our normal style, but we had it up for awhile until we bought a hutch that took up the wall space. When we moved here we both felt there wasn't really a good spot for it and it's been taking up space in the guest room closet.

Only place for it might be in the foyer... oooo.... what if it was a mirror instead? I like the chunkiness of the frame and even the matting.

Looked around for awhile until I found the right sized mirror at IKEA. So this was my project today (using towels to protect the table top because I think sometimes I inadvertently damage as much stuff as the boys)!

Took the paper backing off, the pulled up the staples to take off the cardboard backing, then cut the tape to take out just the picture. For some reason this all felt very taboo to me, kinda like how I can't do any book page crafts due to that feeling (I know that's probably odd!).

The IKEA mirror was firmly glued to the cardboard that it was packaged on. It actually creates a good backing and support since the mirror was smaller than the opening (not counting the matting) so I just left it that way.

I cleaned it all up (seriously, no streaks with vinegar!) put it into the frame taping it down with various tapes (even double sided duct tape!). Put the cardboard backing back on (will need to replace a few staples with some small nails I have on hand).
I have a new mirror for the foyer!

The glass over the mirror gives it that reflection in the picture, but I think it won't be so bad once hanging up (when we get a bench) and looks more substantial of a piece.

Whole thing only cost the amount of the mirror! $19.99! Plus we have that big picture out of the guest room closet taking up space!

One step closer from the ballroom of a stark blank foyer to a cozy space reflecting us to welcome visitors (and ourselves) into our home!

Been trying to score a coat rack and leather bench on craigslist, but haven't heard back from a single response to an ad! Zilch! Nada! Nuttin'! Everyone else always has glowing things to say about craigslist, but it drives me batty! Will continue to try though!! Try, try again, right?

Can you see the beginnings of the foyer taking shape?


Katie @ OhhBaby said...

It looks great! Don't you love when you find ways to use stuff that you have just sitting around? I did that with a medicine cabinet in our guest room for craft supplies (see tutorial on my blog) and I love it!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Looks great! I think it is really coming together!!

April said...

I love your blog :-) This was a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Have u tried overstock for the leather bench and coat tree?


Katie @ OhhBaby said...

Be sure to visit my blog! I have left a little something for you! :)

Pam said...

I like the frame on the mirror. Very substantial. Out of 10 things I ask about on CraigsList I get MAYBE one response. You can find some good stuff, but the people selling on there aren't the best at selling stuff. They could at least email back saying it was sold.

Nicole said...

Way to upcycle, that frame is beautiful! Can't wait to see more of the transformation!

Anonymous said...

I like it!!!!

Looking at your photos I think at Christmas a 9-12 ft slim tree would look awesome there to greet your guests, but then I just love Christmas so every room needs a cute tree;)