Monday, February 14, 2011

Our 2011 Valentines

Happy Valentines Day my friends and family!

I've never been a huge valentines person. It's a fun occassion to get something little and maybe go out to dinner. However, the kids really get into holidays now... so I find us "celebrating" them more and more.

I saw this wonderful birdseed ornament craft idea (via Kimba's Soft Place to Land). I was sold! Last year we made heart crayons made from melted broken old crayons for our valentines. I love the idea of making something, there's more thought in that process as to who/why we're doing so. Plus something that will be actually used and more green in that there's very little waste! And our feathered friends get a snack!

Jake helped for a little while...

Then once we added all the stuff together, it has a smell, not bad, just a smell... so he checked out and I finished it up!

Cut up drinking straws are to make the hole in the ornament

Used some playdoh accessories to get decorative

As always in my crafty world, about half didn't turn out so great... but the other half really did! I had the most luck with the fat little hearts from my wilton "pan". The rest I made too thin or put the straw hole too close to the edge and it therefore crumbled. I also used whole wheat flour, I think it made it less "sticky" and more crumbly... note to self: just follow a recipe for once ;)

I used this bird template and cut out "tags" to add when tying the ribbon onto the birdseed ornament.

Evan while waiting for me to get these done...

Today we had a vday cookie decorating party, yay for frosting & sprinkles!! We left early and dropped off a few to some friends that couldn't make it due to the sickies or appointments.
Evan is figuring out in the picture that they're NOT granola bars and that he can NOT eat them!

It was fun! It's a beautiful day out today (didn't even need the jackets)! All the better!

If you want to make these yourself, check out above where I linked to Saltwater Kid's post on it. She explains it much better and in less words than I could!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to the H Family! I love giving (and receiving) gifts that were made with love. Feels more special to me for some reason. Love to all, Aunt J