Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's in store this month?

It's been hard to get going this month as the sickies plagued us this week. First the 4 yr old, then the 2 yr old, and then ME... ugh! No fun!

But the bright spot of this week? Followers! Lately I've had an influx of new followers, woo-hoo! How fun! I've enjoyed chatting with some of you so far. Thank you SO much for joining me!

Finally feeling better, getting as rested up as much as a mom of 2 nonstop boys can be, and I think I'm ready to tackle some things! A good way to do so is to look ahead and plan accordingly. So, what's in store for us this month?

I wanted to make some valentines for our playgroup friends, inspired by this....

Then the inlaws are coming to visit (maybe while they're here Greg & I can sneak off for a lunch alone?). Hoping that will spur us to work on the foyer entryway, bookcase in the bedroom and also the curtains hung in there.

This is the bookcase we got from IKEA last Sunday. Hope to have it put in this super bland corner soon, filled with all my wonderful books :)

And hopefully curtains will help that sad corner out too! Google was not my friend when looking for this pic, but I kind of have this look in mind w/o the sheers.

Towards mid-end February we'll be doing another H Family Road Trip, first one for 2011! This time our destination is Phoenix, AZ! We'll be visiting my dad and his side of the family (some haven't met the boys yet!) and staying in a beautiful rental home my Aunt J found! So excited, it looks just gorgeous in the pictures. Can't wait!

First we'll stop here (Davy Crockett is a 8 times Great Uncle of mine!)

Then we'll drive through a lot of this...

To get to this...

Arizona Desert View in Phoenix, AZ, United States, photo by jjarama

Back home to finish the short month up with unpacking. Usually when avoiding unpacking (seriously it takes me what feels like forever) I like to get wild hairs and do projects as an avoidance technique ;)

Oh and one last thing we definitely HAVE to do when we get back... convert Evan from the crib to a toddler bed. Oh.My. I wasn't ready for this milestone and of course he starts climbing out of his crib the week we're all sick to make for extra fun! This will probably lead to a mini revamp of his room as well! My baby has always been determined to NOT be a baby, at least not for very long!

That's what's up with us! Hope that whatever you have in store for February goes off without a hitch!


Katie @ OhhBaby said...

Wow you do have a busy month ahead! I feel your pain. It has been nuts lately!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! Love, Aunt J