Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My favorite book series has been usurped!

While I try to figure out my blogging issues, I just have to tell you about my newest discovery!

The "Into the Wilderness" series by Sara Donati!

It's no secret that until this point my favorite series has been the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I speak of it often, to say the least. I'm always drawn to historical epics in one way shape or form.

Over the years I've tried to read this series but all the libraries I've been a part of (in IL and in TX) never had all the books in the series available. Also, the characters in this series are part of the family of Hawkeye and Cora from Last of the Mohicans... which is also my all time favorite movie (the book I sadly haven't been able to ever get into)... so I was afraid to get into this series in case she didn't do the characters justice.

Well, let me tell you. From the first book, I WAS IN LOVE. It's a wonderful, heartwrenching, touching, serious yet fun, thought provoking epic tale that is woven right before your eyes.

Thanks to my kindle, I was finally able to read them all... finished the last one last night. I turned to Greg with tears in my eyes and said... "This is now my favorite series!"

Here are all the things it covers for me as far as why I love this series:

~I can immerse myself into historical fiction, and can also spend hours wikipedia-ing wars and historical events
~I enjoy reading stories that have our neighbors over the pond somehow involved
~I will give any book that portrays a strong woman
~I also like "manly" books that cover war, action, and weapons
~I love the Native American culture
~I feel fellowship with any book that doesn't rely on one way of thinking or dealing with something
~I bond with any book that pulls at my mama heart strings dealing with birth, babies, nursing and such
~I absolutely fell in love with everything about the movie The Last of the Mohicans (you can even read about how nerdy I am about it here)
~I've never been so engrossed in a series like I was the Outlander series, so I was so excited when the characters from this novels came across them even if just for a couple pages
~I've been researching Greg's family tree (before I read the series) and a huge branch of them came from the same area in New York State that is in the book... in fact you're indirectly introduced to a couple of my husbands ancestors in the book!
~ I revel in quirky characters that go against the grain
~ Any book that has a little medical stuff, criminal activity or mystery and a little law & order is always good

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, I don't even think I can put it all into words, but I can say that these characters and their stories will always be with me. If you like historical fiction at all, I highly recommend from the bottom of my heart.

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