Sunday, March 13, 2011

We made a big change!

Yesterday the whole family joined the gym! It's only 10 mins away. We went this morning!

It's also the first time that Greg and I have EVER (besides date night) been without kids for even an hour, especially not a morning! Okay wait there have been a couple times like when we went to the Covered Bridge festival last fall or when we went on our morning hike in Arizona... but the fact that I can think of like 2 whole times... that's pretty sad!

We're excited about it for many reasons! Of course the benefit of exercise, getting in shape, and being healthier... but also for the break it'll give me during the day from the boys. I love my kids & job as a stay at home mom, but I'm pretty much with them 24/7 (my nights out with friends are when the kids are asleep, so that doesn't carry the same "break" mentality).

Unfortunately I've been aging, I've had 2 big babies, and well, it's starting to show (and starting to wear me down mentally/emotionally). Ugh. I haven't been very happy with how I look for awhile now :( I have a lot of guilt because we have a wonderful home gym that I touched upon when once or twice. But, after almost 2 years I just have to wave the white flag :( I cannot workout at home AND watch my kids. They already wake up at 6am, I refuse to get up any earlier. Especially since it's only been about 4-5 mths since I got over my horrible year long insomnia. We tried to have me workout when Greg gave the boys a bath. By 6pm, I'm just beat... it was always about a 20 min workout of pure no-fun! It never stuck. It was time for a BIG change... this was my mind set...
Exercise Cartoon Today is the day that I am going to think about thinking about joining the gym.

This gym offers a TON of stuff to do. I'm very excited about it. However, I feel like a total goof! Like I'm going to be walking around looking like a complete moron and I'm nervous about the kids off on their own with people they don't know at all. Today Evan filled his pants of course and I was unprepared, left my bag in the car. Luckily our workout was over when they paged and I just changed him when we got to the car.

This might be how it is for awhile...

Just gotta find my own groove and also come up with a completely new system/schedule that we operate on around here. So that will throw us for a loop for awhile!

Then maybe this will be me????

Okay, hardly... but one can dream ;)

If anyone has any tips on how they navigate the gym especially with 2 little ones please let me know what works for you!


shelley c. said...

My only tip is to enjoy it! :) The boys will love the babysitting room and you'll find your groove, or the classes you love... CONGRATS.

Anonymous said...

I thought you already looked like that! :) Guess Who - ok - it's Aunt J

Lindsay said...

Good for you for doing something positive for you and your family!! My only tip would be not to worry about what other people at the gym think of you. Unless you literally fall off of the treadmill, I promise that no one is judging you :)

CAS said...

Good luck with that. I don't have personal knowledge so I can't help. I think it's wonderful that you have made up your mind to do this & improve your health.

I know how you feel about losing a follower here and there. It's happened to me, & I take it so personally. I'm trying to be better about that guilt-trip, because you never know what might be happening in that person's life. Maybe they had to stop blogging which would be so sad. Anyway, I hope you've joined some sites like so you can make lots of new friends & gain new followers. If you don't know, Debbie does a Newbie Party every Monday. Have a great day!

Kelly said...

Good for you! I'm promising myself that I will join a gym after #3 gets here. I joined one when Katelyn was about 6 months and ended up quitting after 1 month because she HATED going to the child care and would scream and scream and I would always get paged to come get her. It was too stressful for her and for me. My only tip would be to make it a part of your routine. On this day, this day and this day we go to the gym, to make sure you do it. :)