Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rearranged the Kitchen Counter

For Christmas I was a lucky gal and received my very Kitchenaid Stand Mixer! Woo-hoo!!

Since then, I've been trying to find a good home for it in my kitchen. I had thought "oh, I'll just store it in my pantry"... but um yah, that was before I had it... it's not really light enough as something you want to lug out each time you want to use it. Plus, the mixer is kind of like a decor item all on it's own.

Now the perfect scenario would be to get some custom cabinetry that it stores in and then pops up to counter level.

Heavy-Duty Mixer Lift

But that's just not going to happen around here right now.

So it needed a home on the counter. I don't like stuff on my counter. I feel with the paper towels, napkins, dog treat container, fruit bowl, the phone, the charging station, and the knives are enough!

I played around with it, and quite honestly I wasn't happy moving things at all. It feel "wrong" to do. Finally came up with an arrangement I could live with then found it I had to add "something else" to the counters to help balance it out. Unfortunately, I have no before and afters as I was rushing to do this before company arrived!

But here's the finished arrangement. Does it look okay?

I had to add in the little caddy thing with napkins & wooden utensils to balance out moving the knife block. The knife block used to be in the corner I moved the mixer too... there's really nowhere else to put it that makes sense. Is it too much? Does it look dumb? Does it need tweaking?

I still find myself putting stuff back in the wrong place... especially when I'm in the cooking zone! But I think that corner is the best place for the mixer! Thanks for visiting!

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⊰OCDesign⊱ said...

Looks great!! They are so pretty you cant hide them!