Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some color in the Foyer!

It's been baby steps but so far in the foyer we've gone from the "ballroom" look

To "It's a start" (you can read about that mirror transformation, here)

To "Now it has some function"

And now "Maybe a little personality"

Got the runner on sale at Target for $80... more than I wanted to spend... but it was exactly like what I was looking for colorwise. I snagged that cute little artichoke from our side tv console cabinets. I still want/need a wrought iron coat rack to put on the left, a colorful little picture to hang to the right of the mirror and a plant would be good too! Oh aaaannnd the lamp, still gotta jazz up the lamp! Almost there ;)

But WAIT... why do I have this overwhelming urge to paint that little table??? A nice warm gray perhaps??

Geez, I post so much about such little changes in this space I think I should start calling it the "Foyer Series" :)


Anonymous said...

Looking GOOD! I love all the finishing touches you have in mind too. Love, Aunt J

Lindsay @ My Happily Ever After said...

I really like the runner!

Gotta love Tarjay!