Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Toddler Bed

Back in February Evan decided to start climbing out of his crib (nonconvertible kind). Wouldn't stay in at all. I freaked, immediately found a white toddler bed on craigslist and bought it!

When Greg and I went to pick it up it was before our date night, so it was dark out and in the dim light of the people's house this toddler bed looked in good condition. The next morning in the sunlight of our home, we were very dissappointed to see different. Tons of crayon, marker, and who knows what marks. Not to mention teeth marks! Lots of old stickers residue, etc.... seriously if I would of noticed this I would not of paid $35 for it... maybe $10.

But I got the Goo-Gone out and went to town. Most of the ghosting from the crayons and markers (red & blue!) stayed behind but the rest of the crap I got off.

Then that day I simply asked Evan "Hey, it's not safe for you to climb out of your crib. You could get hurt and get a boo-boo. Could you please just stay in your crib until mommy or daddy helps you out?" His response (in a rather deep voice for a toddler): "Okay, Mama". He never got out again.

Fast forward a few months until now, it's probably time to convert him. So I got some primer (to cover the ghosting of the crayon & marker for once and for all) and some gloss white paint to finish it.

Time to prime & paint (done over a course of a couple days - no pics sorry!)

Finished! Only "real life" pics here... it's the "NEW BED! I gotta get in it NOW cause I'm TWO" sort of pics...

Complete with big brother goofing around as well...

I wish I could report a successful transition... but no... 2 hours later than normal and about 50 times of me silently returning him (talking or interacting just supports him getting up like some sort of socializing)... he is finally quiet, I daresay asleep.

I know it must be done, but I hate transitions/changes like this. I used to be able to just plop him in the crib and we'd be golden. Sigh, this kid just keeps growing up ;) But at least his little bed is a nice glossy new white!

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