Friday, April 15, 2011

Two years ago today...

We were moving into our home here in Texas! I was holding a 3 mth old and trying to keep an eye on a 2 yr old as they carried in our boxes and furniture! It was such an exhausting and exciting day!

That 3 mth old baby is now a big toddler of 2 and the 2 yr old is now a KID of 4!!

We've tried to make our house a home... but was in for a big surprise in moving from a townhouse in Chicago to almost tripling our space in Texas... and all on a one income budget! I think we've done it though!

Had to refigure all my errands, what stores to shop at, and figure out how to get a HUGE sprawled out city! There have been some downsides... like the lack of an adequate library system, the whole ghetto post office ordeal, and we don't live on a wooded street anymore - the last lot was cleared a few weeks ago :( But those are really about it as far as the negatives! There's a whole slue of positives!

We've immensely enjoyed our time here. I can hope we're here forever, but with Greg's job I know better than to think things like that!

Our time here has been filled with lots of exploring, meeting some great friends, and watching these boys grow into some handsome, happy, healthy boys!

Cheers to TWO years... thanks to all who have been here in person to make it great... and to those that always gave me a kind word to hang in there and gave support during my transition in the big move!

Today we celebrate by taking a morning trip to the Arboretum & Botanical Gardens!


shelley c. said...

Happy move-aversary! :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH! :)