Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wow, where'd March go?

Seriously, April? I think it WAS April Fools Day yesterday because it was certainly hard to believe it turned April!!

Things have been so nuts around here!

We had company from last Friday until this morning! So while it was nice to visit and the boys totally loved spending time with their aunts & uncle... I'm completely exhausted. I felt like I was a 24/7 "Julie McCoy Cruise Director"! (Love Boat anyone??) My brain is fried!

To sum up last week:

We went down to the Bay for dinner (crab & jalepeno stuffed shrimped wrapped in bacon, yum!) and some drinks out (on a floating tavern that got smacked by a sailboat while we were there!)... us with Greg's sis!

Then the next day to the beach, breakfast first (outside of course!)....

Lots of playing (even some kite flying when it clouded up for a bit)....

Took a ferry ride....

And without pictures to accompany... we also fed ducks, played with friends, ate sushi, had some girls out shopping time, just plain hanging out, lots of cleaning, and then more guests arrived! We cooked a HUGE dinner that night complete with steaks, shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops, tilapia, coconut lime rice, coleslaw, and fresh fruit... with my delicious chocolate bundt cake for dessert! That night we lit up some tiki torches, drank sangria and visited on the patio.The next day we took our guests to the zoo for a good part of the day, some sprinkler playing in the backyard, and had dinner at a local outdoor BBQ (there's nuttin like Texas bbq!) place complete with cats, mismatched chairs with picnic tables, live music and good food!

Finally that brings us to this morning... said bye to the guests and almost back to regular programming (gotta burn off those million calories from last week at the gym!). Except the boys started swim lessons today... what a whirlwind! I have a million things I want to work on, I'm missing being creative (almost depressingly so). Funny how it goes in spurts! I'm definitely feeling the urge to create something!!

I apologize once again for the blog kind of being second thought lately... I feel off in my own little world... time to "surface" and take a peek around ;) Hope to see ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear what's been happening in your world! :) Love, Aunt J