Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Time & 'BOUT Time

Gah, this seems to be a theme lately and I'm not happy about it. There's just not enough time lately!

The boys got sick last week with a nasty cold, it started out as what seemed like simply allergies... next thing I know Evan has a fever that won't go away. So off we go to the dr, double ear infection :( Poor guy!

But I think them both being under the weather led to them actually cuddling with each other!

He's been in the surliest of moods to say the least and Jake has picked now to start testing the waters of having a "fresh" mouth. Really?? Oh yes really. Plus, I'm feeling a little twitchy since they're sick we can't go to the gym... I MISS it. I've been able to squeeze it in a little, but in the first time since we started I only went 3 times last week :(

Before all that started last week we went on a little day trip to see our friends in Beaumont! We had a great visit. 'BOUT Time! Stacy and I met via an online (as funny as that sounds) moms group and have been friends for over 4 years! We finally met up last June and decided it had been way too long and we need to get together again. It's like we see each other all the time. The kids had fun, and we had fun catching up in person. The drive was nice, it was cloudy, the boys were quiet just watching their show and in their carseats they can't touch each other! SCORE! That hour and a half drive both ways flew by ;)

We have company coming in a couple days... so we spent all weekend cleaning and stuff. Since last weekend we spent time playing at the beach :)

The boys picked out a very pretty vase of flowers for me for Mothers Day! I'm one blessed mama, sick kids or no ;)

Tonight... kitchen curtain making with my super-sewing-powers friend Ellie! 'BOUT Time :)

Can't wait to post tomorrow!! YIPPEE!!

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Anonymous said...

T - Beautiful flowers :) Love, Aunt J