Monday, May 16, 2011

We had more company :)

Man, I was so going to blog last Thurs & Friday... but blogger was down. So now I'm not only behind on my blog writing, but my blog reading! So to my bloggy friends... I'll stop by soon! Promise!

My mother and baby brother (not so much a baby anymore at 21!) were headed our way on Thursday to come for a visit. Their flight was cancelled!?!? Soooo... about 15 hrs later than planned they finally arrived here!

The next 72 hours consisted of yummy meals, laughs, the zoo, a trip to the brewery for Greg & my brother, more yummy meals, more laughs, the beach, lots of sunshine, and tons of little boys lovin and rough-housin with their uncle!

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Anonymous said...

T ~ Glad to hear that everyone had a good time! Love, Aunt J