Saturday, July 2, 2011

Momentary quick change in gears around here!

This blog is me... just a vehicle to talk about what we do, our adventures as a family (or mine as a mother), recipes, crafts, budget friendly stuff, and some home decor here and there. But since the big expansion of our family (see previous 2 posts in June), I'm making a momentary quick change in gears!

Our little Grant isn't getting any better. He keeps having more issues flare up. Two weeks ago he had a central line put into his chest and just the other day we found out that he's having breathing issues due to his left diaphragm being paralyzed (will never work again). So right now they're waiting to see if he needs surgery or not.

I mentioned last time that this hasn't been easy. It's downright turned into a nightmare within a dream. Greg's been home away from us for 3 weeks now. The big boys are over it and Jake told me this was "the worst vacation ever" (I agree buddy!). Grant's twin Luke is living very temporary like here with us (so tired of suitcase living),Theres just so much clashing with various family, everyone just wants to help but things are getting tense at just about every angle :(

We need to get home. But Grant is in no condition to be discharged any time we can see. Insurance will not cover a medical transport to Texas Childrens. I started looking into some Charity Air Ambulances and finally found one. However, it still costs money, $8350 to be exact. People have been telling me to start a paypal account and accept donations. So after much soul-searching Greg and I have decided to act upon this humbling show of kindness and do it!

I will spend this week finding out if Grant is stable enough to transfer then get the donation account up! Stay tuned and lets hope I can keep my sanity until then!

Our ONLY picture with both of the twins...


Amanda said...

Oh poppit your family really are going through it at the moment.

I know how scary and confusing this time can be, from our own experience we didn't know what to do one day to the next. But we all got through it in the end. Hopefully you can all be back home very soon, little ones can make a surprisingly fast recovery.

One thing I will say, whenever possible, take some time out for you, if only 30 minutes, even if just to cry or eat some chocolate.

Are you able to take Luke in to see Grant? Ethan really perked up when he was in PICU when Ahren visited, I think it does both twins good to be together for a bit.

Will definitely donate what I can if you set up a paypal thingy, its horrid having to go through something like this and be so far away from home.

Thinking of you all and hoping things turn around soonx

Anonymous said...

My Dear T~ Thanks for the update. I am anxious to hear if Grant is able to be transferred to a Houston hospital. Love, Aunt J

Ellie Davis said...

You know I'm here for you and as we discussed let me use my "sales" skills and my "connections" to help in any way with the fundraising. There are lots of people that would love to help and shower you all with love.

hugs and kisses to you and your boys!

Jennifer Battjer said...

Please keep me posted.... I will do a fundraiser mini session!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah G. said...

Thinking of you and your family, and (mostly patiently) waiting for an update. Hope you are all doing okay.