Saturday, August 20, 2011

Easy crowd pleasing yogurt ideas

Well, if your crowd is toddlers that is... not sure about an actual adult crowd (what's that like? ha ha).

Around our house, the boys love yogurt. I quickly learned that the little individual servings that are marketed towards kids are not really that much and are way more expensive. So I started buying the big 32oz tub from Horizon or Stonyfield in vanilla.

But then I wouldn't use enough of it and half the tub would go bad... so here are some various ways I use it as treats for the boys! It's not rocket science or even ground breaking, but I know sometimes we get bored with the same old same old and need some new ideas (not that someone hasn't thought these up before!).

1. if it's getting close to the expiration date and you aren't going to use it for anything else, blend it with some fruit spread (Kroger has a great variety of store brand fruit spread - and it's the same as jellies w/o the HFCS), then freeze into ice cube trays. When frozen, pop-out, put in freezer bags... just take out the amount you need whenever you're looking for a healthy cold treat... the boys get just as excited about it as ice cream!

2. Serve plain with any cut up fruit on top (or toss fruit in blender if it's not old yet not pretty fruit)

3. Serve plain in bowl, using it as a dip with Graham Crackers (Gingerbread cookies are also yummy with a yogurt dip as discovered during our Christmas morning snack)

4. Serve plain with cookie/cereal crumbs (from the bottom of the bag - especially daddy's sugary cereal that mommy vetos alot) on top

5. Their favorite... make parfaits...

The thing that makes them cool is to see the layers... so I use plastic cups (glass would be a more green option... but Evan would break one in a heartbeat)

Blend up some fruit

Start layering (I made my layers a bit too thick during this demonstration)

 Granola on top

Serve! (Dang, I didn't notice it was blurry when I took the pic)

They think mommy is pretty cool & that this is a special treat (aka can be used as bribery!)...And it can all be done while wearing the newborn in the sling! :)

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Charlene said...

I love the antcipation on their little faces hehehe so cute!